To close more life insurance sales listen to these 3 secrets that can help you win more customers today.

Insurance agents and advisors know how challenging it can be to close deals with insurance leads.  Despite your best efforts, sometimes you might struggle to understand what you could be doing to win the account.  If that sounds familiar, we have 3 tips that can help you increase your life insurance sales. But these tips could easily be applied to customers of any type of insurance coverage.

Secret #1: People don’t like being told what to do
Stop for a moment and think about it.  If someone told you that you had a problem, how would you react? If someone approached you and told you what you should be doing, would you respond favorably? Most of us are likely to fight the idea and try to prove to ourselves, and perhaps to them, that they are wrong and we don’t have a problem.  It is in our nature to try to protect ourselves and to be skeptical.  People do not respond well to being told they have a problem.  Instead, they prefer to determine their own problems and solutions.

The trick is, how can you empower your customers with the knowledge that will lead them to the solution you believe is best for them? It is important to remember that people buy based on emotions and then justify with logic.

Help the prospect to identify and understand their problem and become emotionally involved. Once they understand that, they will agree to solve the problem. And then, we can work with the prospect to assemble a custom set of solutions that makes sense to them.

Secret #2: People need help finding solutions to their problems
The above secret to help you boost life insurance sales brings us to another suggestion.  The most common thing that you are likely hearing from prospects is that they cannot afford the premiums right now. This is often the largest obstacle you have from getting their business.

You can apply pressure on the sales lead by telling them that it’s worth the sacrifice, or perhaps one of your numerous pressure-packed closing techniques.  But how successful are those tactics really in the long run?  Remember, that your job as a sales person is to help them recognize that they have a problem.  Instead of asking questions that tries to convince them to get the coverage, talk to them about why they need the coverage.  Keep trying and don’t give up (which many sales people do at this point).

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Life Insurance Sales

Secret #3: People need help finding the money
To close more deals when dealing with life insurance sales, it is important to take things a step further and help your prospects find the money.  A good starting point is to help them review their current situation and then helping them make some smart money management decisions that can  help them reposition their spending – and find the money to afford the coverage.

If the person has some kind of existing coverage, can the prospect find money by increasing their deductibles?  Are they receiving a discount on their auto, homeowners, and liability policies? Does the lead have low priority riders on auto, homeowners, or liability policies that can be removed to free up some money?

For those customers that have a lot of debt, can they consolidate their accounts with large balances and high interest rates to one card with a lower interest rate to reduce their overall money payments? Do they have untapped home equity to reduce their debts?

These are just some of the many ways that you can help your prospect find the money, so they make the life insurance sales you’ve been trying so hard to make.

Life Insurance Sales

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By following this advice, you can help middle income families to prepare for the future smarter than ever before.  Plus, you can gain respect and trust along the way that will help to put you in a strong position in the community.

Are these any secrets to increase life insurance sales ones that you have tried before?  How have these tips worked for you? Share your feedback in the comments below!