One of the most common questions we hear at Blitz: “I already have a policy management system provided by my company.  Why do I need another program?”

The answer is simple.  The programs are designed for two different things!  Would you use photo editing program to write a document?  Sure, it would work, but it doesn’t have half the options, would take about twice the amount of time, and most likely wouldn’t look too great.  Sometimes you simply need to have separate programs that are meant for separate tasks.

Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software is designed for staying on top of leads, then when the sale is made the lead is moved to the policy management system.  There are key differences because leads have different needs than clients, and agents need to be following up with them in different ways.  Every policy management system works differently, but below are 10 features that Blitz offers for sales follow-up that policy management systems simply do not have.

  1. Internet leads come in automatically– Blitz is integrated with top internet lead providers, enabling leads to drop into the system automatically and assigning them to a producer.  With your policy management software, you have to type these in manually and manually assign them to a producer in most cases.  This usually results in the lead not being contacted quickly enough, losing important sales opportunities.
  2. Auto-dialers– Access and update Blitz data directly from your auto dialer, saving time switching back and forth between programs.  With this partnership, you can reach and contact more leads faster!
  3. Importing spreadsheets–  Blitz has a simple import process that lets you bring in any information that you need to.  Some policy management systems do not let you import spreadsheets of leads, giving you two choices: 1) Add each manually, or 2) Print the list out and take notes on the side, which is not effective.  Other systems may let you bring in a list, but you are not able to customize the data that is being added, and it can often be a lengthy process.
  4. Customization– Blitz works around the way you do things in your office.  Blitz allows you to customize fields, statuses, milestones, reports.  Imagine being able to search, sort and filter on can criteria that you want such as current carrier, x-date, IS score and more!
  5. Workflow– Workflow is a custom system that automatically sends emails, schedules follow up calls, updates X-dates, and requotes* at any given time, to any given number of leads based on any criteria you choose.  Some policy management systems may shoot out some emails at certain times, but won’t do the other tasks, and certainly can’t be customized.  With Blitz, you can set up a multiple Workflows to ensure every lead (or customer) is being contacted at the most critical times, and will also guarantee your staff is on track with their follow up calls.
  6. Neglected Leads-  If you miss a scheduled appointment or follow up in Blitz, the lead is automatically marked “neglected.”  You will never again miss an opportunity or let a lead fall through the cracks with this important functionality.
  7. Duplicate Checking-  Blitz notifies you if you have any duplicate leads in the system, preventing the embarrassment of calling someone twice.
  8. Ease of use- Blitz is easy to navigate, you can find what you are looking for quickly, and can move from lead to lead faster.  Many tasks in Blitz can be done in one or two clicks, without going to multiple screens to accomplish.
  9. Training and support-  Training is always free, provided in webinars, videos, and one-on-one sessions.  We also have a free trial to let users try before they buy.
  10. Other business use-  Since Blitz is configurable, you can manage other lines of business, separate business activities such as financial, health or life leads, or another business entirely.  Businesses are also using Blitz for hiring and tracking staff, with our online staffing partnerships.

If you still aren’t convinced, you will be after using the program.  This is why we offer Blitz free for 30 days so you can see for yourself!  Click here to get started.

*The automatic requote feature is available for users that also have Robo-Agent First Impressions.