Here are the most important lead generation steps for your company to make this year.

Those that work in the business world know that the world around them is constantly changing. The changes in effective lead generation steps your company should take to engage buyer behaviors and meet their needs and expectations might need tweaked if you want to close more deals.  Here are several steps worth considering:

Connect with your Brand Advocates
These days, your brand advocates or brand influencers more important than ever.  Brand advocates are most commonly your happiest customers and most satisfied industry partners. Use their passion and love for your brand to help engage your customers and spark interest in with your prospects and create new partnerships.  Reach out to these people and share with them how you are communicating with customers and share your blogs and premium content marketing pieces.

Leverage your Blog for Lead Generation
The idea of having a blog where you demonstrate thought leadership is not a new concept, of course. However have you ever stopped and considered the importance of your blog to generate not just website clicks, and to boost not just your URL’s organic SEO, but generate solid, viable sales leads?  To do this, make sure that you have analytics in place to help you track and test your calls-to-action (CTA).  This will help you to continue to reach out to them in a meaningful manner that resonates with your target audience.

Building a Strategy Takes Time
One the best lead generation steps you can take is to just have patience.  While I know from experience how difficult this can be, is important that you understand that leveraging your website and social media presence for generate leads for your company takes time to bear fruit. Make sure that you are posting regularly and with meaningful thought leadership pieces, whether they are blog posts, case studies, white papers, testimonials, or videos (or even something else) ensure that the topic is newsworthy and important to your audience.

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Speak to your Audience Segments Individually
While this lead generation step might be one of the most effective; I realize it also might be one of the more difficult ones to execute. Carefully review your customer and prospect lists. Break out your database into smaller groups based on whatever criteria makes sense for your business.  If you are an insurance agency, it might be lines of coverage combined with income level, for example.  Determine your segments and then work with your marketing team to create marketing pieces and campaigns that targets each audience member.

Use Customer Data to Communicate Effectively
Your company’s customer data can be leveraged to generate leads based on their data. But you can also use that information in a variety of other ways.  Businesses can benefit from learning how to use their lists to build processes and workflows that improve not just lead generation steps and marketing, but customer support as well.    

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How has your business used these, and other, lead generation steps to increase revenue? What other lead generation steps have worked for your company that we haven’t included here? Please share your thoughts with our audience by commenting below!