Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software provides an email service which enables users to send emails individually, to an entire list of leads, and automatically through Workflow.  This service is meant for contacting interested leads that have voluntarily opted into receiving emails, which does not include leads found in purchased spreadsheets.  Purchased lists are often filled with old and nonexistent email addresses, and even spam traps.  Sending emails to leads from purchased lists is basically spamming, does not help a business grow, and is against Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software’s Terms and Conditions.


When sending an email blast to a purchased list of leads in Blitz, users will often receive multiple messages back that say the email could not be delivered.  This occurs when the email address is old, invalid, or nonexistent.  If too many sent emails bounce like this, the user’s email address, as well as Blitz’s system, could grow a bad reputation with email ISPs and decrease future deliverability.  In other words, emails could begin going straight to the recipient’s spam folder (even if they opted into emails!).  Companies could also grow a bad reputation with their targeted lead population as a business that spams.


If you have tried this method, take a few minutes to think about how many sales you actually made from sending out those emails.  Or better yet, run a quick report in Blitz to find out.


Email addresses gathered from events, current customers, internet lead providers, or other sources that can provide interested and current prospects are the ones you should be advertising to.  These are leads that are worth spending time and money following up with, and are almost always going to generate more sales for your business.


If you aren’t sure if you are using Blitz’s email service properly, take another look at the “Emails” section in our Terms and Conditions.  You can also run a report in Blitz to see how many emails have bounced or marked as spam by going to Administration > Reporting > Email.  This will give you totals on both within a given date range, and you want to keep these numbers pretty low.  If you have any questions about this, contact Blitz support at (419)841-8800 or support@blitzleadmanager.com.