Lead management is a very useful and often necessary tool for business professionals in the insurance, personal finance, real estate, and mortgage fields. It can also be used as hiring software to help companies manage the entire recruiting and hiring process to ensure that they hire the best candidate.

Sales Process Cycle

The Wikipedia article on lead management outlines the typical lead management process as this:

  1. Business engages in a range of advertising media (Lead generation).
  2. Recipients of advertising respond, creating a Customer Inquiry, or lead.
  3. Respondent’s information is captured (Inquiry Capture).
  4. Captured information is then filtered to determine validity (Inquiry filtering)
  5. The filtered leads are then graded and prioritized for potential (Lead grading)
  6. Leads are then distributed to marketing and/or sales personnel (Lead Distribution).
  7. Leads are contacted for prospecting (Sales contact).
  8. Contacted and uncontacted leads are entered into personal and automated follow-up processes (Lead Nurturing).
  9. End result is a new business sale (Sales result).

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