Make a great first impression on your new sales manager by  preparing answers to these common interview questions for sales positions

Job hunting is long and grueling for all applicants, especially in a competitive industry like sales. If you can’t sell yourself, why would any sales manager hire you to sell their product?

The toughest part for any applicant is sticking out amongst a herd of other people applying for the same position. Employers are also in the tough position of choosing. They’re investing in someone who they expect will bring in more revenue than expense, and this person needs to be generating at least their salary in sales, right out of the gate. Think of your interview as closing a deal.

Interviews are nerve-wracking for most individuals–especially if you go in feeling unprepared. However, reviewing this list of interview questions for sales positions will allow you to feel at ease when you meet with a potential sales manager. Through this preparation, you can assess what you’d like to say beforehand and formulate eloquent responses.

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Top Interview Questions for Sales Positions

1. Why did you leave your last sales position?

When you face this question, make sure you say something positive off the bat. You can be honest without being negative, and you certainly don’t want to create any discomfort in the room. Share what you enjoyed about the job—some of the skills you picked up or the people you met. Once they understand what you’ve enjoyed, explain to them why you are leaving. Are you seeking new opportunities? Looking to expand your skill set? Be specific. Whatever you do, don’t speak negatively about your last employer.

2. What’s your favorite thing about working in sales? Least favorite?

Here is an opportunity to share your heart with the interviewer. Be truthful and give details as to what you do and don’t enjoy. If you’re a people-person, explain that you love build relationships with customers. Or if you enjoy competition, say that you love the thrill of meeting your sales goal. And whatever task you don’t enjoy, explain what you typically do to simplify your process and make it more enjoyable. There are ways for you to be honest and positive with your answers.

3. How much do you know about our product/service?

A crucial part of the interview is researching the company that is interviewing you. This is one of the common interview questions for sales positions that often either make or break your chances to get hired. Even if it’s a company you think you know, make sure to do your homework prior to going into the interview on what you’re selling. You don’t have to know every single detail. In fact, leaving room to ask the interviewer questions about the company will show that you are curious and hungry to learn more. You may want to come up with an example of how you’d sell their product if they hired you.

4. What motivates you to sell?

Here is another opportunity to share your opinion with potential employers. Give specifics as to what pushes you to sell because it’ll provide a better understanding of your process if they hire you. Are you competitive and like to reach sales goals? Do you believe in the product and want to share it with others? Are you looking to please your employers? Are you fond of sales action plans?

5. Explain your sales process to us.

Although this technically isn’t a question, you’ll confront a point where you’ll have to break down certain processes. Just like some of the other questions, you need to give details and specifics about your work. In this case, however, it’s a good idea to be clear and organized with your explanation. You can begin with how you approach your target, perform cold calls,  construct follow up emails, and go from there until the sale has been closed (or even after in some cases). What questions do you typically ask a customer? At what point in the deal do you use certain selling techniques? How do you follow-up with each customer after the deal is closed? Make sure you cover as much as you can about the tasks you perform as a salesperson without getting too monotonous.

6. What’s your greatest weakness?

One of the most common interview questions for sales positions that every rep dreads, is identifying your weaknesses. Many people think that giving cliche answers such as, “I’m too much of a perfectionist” is going to leave them with a good mark; in fact, it’s an ingenuine remark. Once again, this question provides you with the chance to be personal and truthful with a potential employer. If your weakness as a sales rep is cold calling, explain to the interviewer what you do to make yourself stronger in that particular area. By saying this, it shows that you have acknowledged your weaker points but are working at fixing any challenges you face.

7. How do you maintain relationships with customers?

Your relationships with each customer are pivotal. Present your interviewer with examples about some of the clients you have maintained. Do you keep in touch through email? Have customers followed you to your new ventures? Some gestures may seem small to you, but it is a huge leap for the company when you show that you have had great relationships with your clients.

8. Would you rather not meet your monthly goals or have a dissatisfied customer?

There will be plenty of interview questions for sales positions like this one. It’s tricky because both answers are right as equally as both answers are wrong. You may prefer the customer is satisfied so that they continue to return to their place of business in the future. Not meeting the monthly goal is temporary, but happy customers will lead to bigger sales, and positive word of mouth in the future.

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What interview questions for sales position have you encountered, and what were your answers? Share with us below in the comments section!