Insurance CRM software and policy management software are the duo you didn’t know you needed.

You can read all the articles you want on what’s the best insurance policy management software, and I’m not arguing that you don’t need one. However, have you thought about optimizing your insurance policy software by using it alongside an insurance CRM software? Think about it. You already enjoy all of the automated work that your insurance policy manager performs for you. (The automated notifications that your insurance policy management software sends to your current customers whenever there’s a change in their policy is nice.) Why not automate and optimize your sales process as well? When you combine a CRM software (like Blitz insurance CRM software) with a policy management software, you get a shiny, sleek sales funnel that lets in more prospects and helps you provide the best service to your customers.

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When to use a policy management software?

Some insurance agents attempt to use their insurance policy management software as a CRM software. This fails for a number of reasons, the most obvious being that an insurance policy software isn’t specialized for sales follow-up. So, when should you use a policy management software? Insurance policy software does a great job of holding all of the policy records that an insurance company has written in the past. It also automates administrative tasks an agent would usually complete such as rating, quoting, biding, issuing, etc.

There’s also a number of situations where an insurance policy management software is critical. For example, if a customer calls in with a question about his or her current policy, you want to be able to pull up information right away to provide guidance. This also gives you a great opportunity to cross-sell or up-sell the customer. Furthermore, when a customer is approaching his or her renewal date, the system will automatically send an email reminder about renewing his or her insurance. Policy management software is also useful when customers’ policies change, customers would like to compare their current policy with another, and customers would like the sales producer to provide them with a quote.

​Enter, insurance CRM software

Given the examples above, an insurance policy management software is an essential product for many insurance agents. Despite its many advantages, an insurance policy management software is mainly focused on the lower end of the sales funnel. So, what happens at the top of your sales funnel? Are you hitting your seven to eight follow-up attempts for each lead, or are you struggling to stay on top of all of them? Or, perhaps, does your lead prospecting need work, and are you looking for more business? If you think the top of your sales funnel could use some work, then it’s time to add an insurance CRM software to your software suite.

Easier follow-up

Without an insurance CRM software, follow-up can be difficult, and leads can slip through the cracks. For example, maybe you work at an agency with multiple sales producers. If someone else enters a lead into the policy management system, you might not see that contact right away. If you don’t follow up with them in a timely manner, you will definitely lose the lead to a competitor. In insurance sales, you have to follow-up with interested parties ASAP, or you lose the sale. Insurance CRM software can help you do this.

Automatic referral generation

Insurance CRM software also helps insurance agents with automatic referral generation. According to a nationwide marketing survey that we conducted with insurance agents in 2017, referrals are the most profitable kind of buyer. Insurance agents attempted to target referrals the most to generate revenue. Another common theme we found in our survey was that most insurance agents don’t think they do a great job with generating referrals. This isn’t surprising if insurance agents only rely on their policy management software.

Policy management software has no way to automatically generate referrals. That means that every referral has to be manually entered into the system by insurance agents. This manual entry is tedious and old school. It’s also risky. Human error means that insurance agents will most likely misspell the prospective client’s name, phone number, or even list the wrong kind of insurance interest.

An insurance CRM software eliminates this risk and even automates referral generation. Insurance agents who use CRM software can create web forms through the software and add them to email templates or their email signature. This way their current customers can easily send referrals over email. The web forms also capture all of the necessary information an insurance agent may need. There’s less back and forth between customer and agent because the agent received all of the referral information they needed through the web form.

Purchased lead lists

You know how frustrating it can be to work with purchased lead lists (encountering duplicates or bad leads). That’s why when you find a trustworthy lead list provider, it can feel like striking gold. You want to take advantage of each lead on a good list. Unfortunately, adding purchased lead lists to policy management software can be difficult. On the other hand, insurance CRM software has integrations, or partnerships, with lead lists providers. This means that after the initial integration set-up, the purchased leads will move directly into the sales software without any further effort from an insurance agent. You just have to focus on the hard part, making those calls.

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A policy management software is great for managing policies. You can easily pull up policy information and send automatic alerts to customers who are approaching their renewal date. However, there are key features in an insurance CRM software lacking in a policy management software. These include easier follow-up, automatic referral generation, and better management of purchased leads lists. Used side by side, an insurance policy management system and an insurance CRM software give you the best advantage in closing new sales and reaching your revenue potential.