Do you want more effective time management skills? Check out this list of awesome time-tracking tools and get started!

You probably have a system for effective time management, but is it working like it did before? If you’re having trouble with distractions and completing tasks, maybe it’s time to utilize digital time tracking tools.

Maybe you’re a pen and paper type. Maybe you enjoy flipping an hour glass throughout the day. Either way, if you need to organize your days better, these time tracking tools will enhance your personal style.

As a salesperson, your ability to complete tasks will increase your sales and productivity. But first, it’s important to figure out what tools work best for you.

6 time tracking tools to boost your productivity

1. Toggl 

Toggl is one of those time tracking tools that offers everything in one package. The software is usable on all major devices (desktop, laptop, and mobile) and offers a variety of features.

  • Tag time entries across multiple clients, projects, and tasks.
  • Create in-depth reports that can be filtered and bookmarked.
  • Auto-track time spent on websites tagged with particular keywords.
  • Monitor time spent on programs, websites, and other tools.

2. Everhour 

As you can imagine, the basic focus of time tracking tools is the same: better time management. So developers are seeking to separate themselves with unique features and different looks. Everhour does exactly that.

  • Streamlined time entries using one input bar. Easier to use and intuitive.
  • Chrome extension with the same recall entry design. You never have to leave the page you’re working on again.
  • Integrates with other software, like Xero and Freshbooks.
  • It’s free for personal use!

3. Paydirt 

Paydirt is the perfect solution for salespeople who forget to set up their daily reminders. You can tag keywords for the tool to recognize while you’re working. The reminder pops up on a side window with all the current projects to complete and then begins timing automatically.

Paydirt also comes with an invoicing feature and quote calculator for salespeople who also do consulting work. This app gives the salesperson an all-in-one tool for running his time management like a pro.

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Time tracking tools make your daily schedule run efficiently, especially when teamed up with a sales automation software. We can help you take your lead conversions to a new level.  client-managerSign up with Blitz today for a 30-day free trial.

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4. Timely 

Timely takes “time blocking” to a whole new level. If you’re the type of person to use a daily calendar to block out certain times of day, then Timely is the tool for you. As you place blocks on your schedule, the application times them throughout the day, giving a close view of how accurately you complete tasks.

  • Integrates with all your calendars and tasks scheduled.
  • Ability to export as a PDF or Excel file.
  • Drag and drop feature to move time blocks effortlessly.

5. Hours

Are you more interested in simple, straightforward technology? Then Hours is the app for you. For what it lacks in innovation, it makes up for in user-friendliness. The design is extremely easy to learn and makes task setting a breeze. Plus, it offers many of the features of other time tracking tools with less fuss.

  • Intuitive visual timelines to keep track of current projects.
  • Reports that can be exported to PDF or Excel.
  • Only available for IOS apple products.

6. Rescuetime 

You can think of Rescuetime as a ghost in the machine. Instead of inputting your daily tasks manually and setting timers, this application stays in the background and silently tracks what you do over time. Then, it reports back to you.

If you have a bad habit to correct, like social media or Youtube distractions, you can set that goal with Rescuetime. It is also a cloud-based software, implemented on your device within minutes.

Take advantage of time tracking tools to increase your sales productivity

Salespeople tend to overlook how many opportunities slip through the cracks because of mismanaged activity. These tools can help you manage your days and stay on top of every little task. If you have a serious need for better organization, how grateful will you feel when a reminder pops up about that important phone call? Remember that many of these applications offer free versions, so give them a shot!

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Time tracking tools make your daily schedule run efficiently, especially when teamed up with a sales automation software. We can help you take your lead conversions to a new level.  client-managerSign up with Blitz today for a 30-day free trial.

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What’s your opinion? Do you have any tips or experiences to add? Share your thoughts in the comments!