Here’s some CRM advice to improve use at your business.

When businesses provide CRM software to their sales team, it is understandable that leaders from that organization believe it will improve productivity. However, by itself sales software only have limited potential.  The key to successful adoption by your team is to understand how to best utilize it to meet the needs of your staff.  Here are is some solid CRM advice to keep in mind.

Understand the needs of every department.
Everyone that works at your company has the same goal in mind: helping your business be successful.  If you are going to provide them with sales software, it’s important to take the time to understand their needs.  This will help you in selecting the product that will best meet those needs, both now and into the future.

Clean up your data prior to implementation.
As someone that has lived through numerous CRM implementations, this piece of CRM advice is essential. Review the quality of your data, both access the organization as well as within each department and sales representative.  Find out where the data needs to be updated and cleaned up, and work with each employee to get that done by a reasonable deadline.  Having clean data will help you be more successful with your CRM once it’s up and running.

Remove redundant or unused fields.
When cleaning up your CRM, hopefully you notice that there are field changes that would be helpful in your new system. Remove any fields that are redundant or aren’t being used.  Then add any new fields or values that should be in your new system and have your team update existing data using those new fields.  This will assist you in having a stronger and more up-to-date client information for data mapping.

Keep it simple.
Sometimes a business becomes so excited about what they can do with CRM software that they over complicate the structure.  Keep it easy to use and intuitive.  Don’t make your team have to hunt for what they need on a daily basis.  Make finding what they need simple.  This will make them more willing to use the software if they do not perceive it as an obstacle to getting their work done each day.

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crm advice

Create reports based on role.
While there are some reports that everyone at your company might need to see, the owner will need different reports than a sales representative.  Create reports based on the person’s role within the organization, and then make the reports easy to access.

Make it mobile friendly.
Most sales team travel from time to time. This makes being able to access the CRM from a phone or tablet essential.  If your current provider does provide this and it’s a need for your organization, you may wish to start looking at other options.

Ensure it works with Outlook.
For those companies that use Outlook as their email client, this piece of CRM advice is a must. Make sure that the two are synched together.  This will avoid confusion and save your sales team valuable team every single workday. And when on the road, it will help your reps to keep in touch with clients easier and faster.

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CRM software can be quite powerful when trying to improve customer tracking to boost engagement and improve sales.  What tactics and campaign tips have worked best at your organization?  Our audience would love to hear from you!