Sales resolutions for the new year that will boost your sales, confidence, and close rate

An estimated 40% of people make resolutions in January every year, but the University of Scranton suggests that only 8% of people achieve those New Year’s goals. If you go to the gym regularly, you’ll probably lose your bench or machine in the morning for a few months while that 40% dwindles down to 8%.

If you’re in sales, though, we hope you’ll hit 100% on these sales resolutions. In 2017 it will be more important than ever to develop your sales skills, master the art of following up, and create new opportunities to develop leads more effortlessly online.

Sales Resolution #1: Improve Your Business Acumen

Some business acumen skills are intuitive, but all of them can be learned. Someone who struggles with persistence can practice it until he or she finds it intuitive, or, if there are terms or concepts you don’t fully understand, you can take a class, partner with a mentor who can teach you, or even listen to a podcast on your way to work. There are always ways—and there’s always time—to enhance your business acumen. Learn how to do it.

Sales Resolution #2: Overcome Your Public Speaking Anxieties

Many people in sales are phenomenally confident in conversation, making a pitch over a phone meeting or delivering a fantastic sales presentation to a couple of people in a room. However, some of the best places to cultivate new leads are conferences, and if you ever get asked to keynote, you’ll want to be prepared for this incredible opportunity. If public speaking is a very real concern that may be hurting your professional growth, click for some practical tips to overcome public speaking anxiety.

Sales Resolution #3: Create an eBook That Will Bring in More Leads 

One thing that’s missing from the sales arsenal of so many is a free gift to give away. In the age of the Internet, it’s not pens and notepads at expos that will grow your list quickly, it’s downloadable freebies. Make a commitment this year to creating an information-packed eBook that you can put up on your site, or that of your employer, that collects email addresses and sends more leads into your funnel. Find out how to create an eBook for sales. Also, learn how to create other types of lead generators beyond eBooks.

Sales Resolution #4: Start Writing Thank-You Notes

Nobody writes thank-you notes anymore. It used to be common practice, but these days everyone is off to the next lead as soon as the phone hangs up. Hand-written thank-you notes, or even automated thank you notes can make a world of difference to your prospect who are to being left in the cold after sales encounters. Learn how to write thank-you notes with this template.

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Sales Resolution #5: Create an Intelligent Sales Funnel

You may have heard about a “smarter” or more intelligent sales funnel process and wondered exactly what that means. Simply put, a more intelligent sales funnel is one that is more focused. Collecting and using data in a targeted way allows you to cut the waste out of the process and results in attracting the right leads for your business. This a big win for you, because once you get started, this funnel strategy grows even more intelligent. Finding, nurturing and converting more leads successfully is attainable. Find out how to create intelligent sales funnels.

Sales Resolution #6: Learn How to Handle Rejection with Grace

In sales, getting rejected isn’t like getting a big fat no to prom, it’s just another day on the job. If your skin isn’t quite thick enough, you may need to practice more self-care techniques to make sure you can pick yourself up after a rough day in a sea of “no.” Here are a few ways to handle rejection and get back on your feet quickly.

Sales Resolution #7: Reengage Lost Leads More Effectively

The best skill a salesperson can have, other than closing deals in general, is reengaging. Anyone who is in the sales industry recognizes this to some degree. Whether you sell insurance, real estate, or financial services, you will certainly have a list of lost leads – the people with whom you almost made a deal, only to back out at the last minute. But, now’s the time to change that. Your lost leads are a potential gold mine if you take the opportunity to reach out again. Learn how to reengage lost leads and turn them into sales.

Sales Resolution #8: Learn How to Shake Hands in Sales

Different countries have different ways of greeting one another. In America, the most common handshake consists of a firm grasp, eye contact, and a statement of your name, usually followed by some pleasantry, like, “Nice to meet you.” Both parties typically move their clasped hands up and down two or three times (hence the hand “shake”). For best results, add a smile! For most salespeople, this will be the go-to handshake for American business encounters. Try something new this year. Learn about more global types of handshakes.

Sales Resolution #9: Get Organized with Sales Apps

We’re not saying you should be working every hour of the day, but adding some crucial sales apps to your smartphone is a great way to stay organized and ahead so that you feel empowered with data and feedback on the fly. A recent study published in the Journal of Professional Selling and Sales Management found that the ability to multitask effectively demonstrated a positive impact on sales performance and decreased stress in the role, stating “A salesperson’s propensity for scheduling and meeting deadlines… highlights the desirability of hiring salespeople who are both disciplined and adaptive with their time.” Here are ten great apps for salespeople who want to take their game to the next level.

Sales Resolution #10: Listen to More Business Podcasts and Train on the Go

If you’ve read every sales book out there, the next logical step is podcasts. Imagine regular coffee meetings and roundtable discussions with some of the most brilliant business minds all over the world, to pick their brains about strategies and what has helped them make their way? Their commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused efforts, are all recorded for you to learn from and fire up inspiration. Here’s our top ten list of the best business podcasts.

lead-managerlead-managerHelp your team manage deals and increase your sales with affordable CRM technology. Schedule a free demo of our sales and marketing follow-up software today!

These sales resolutions are a great start, but we’d love to hear what you’re hoping to improve this upcoming year. Please leave a comment below!