Show Your Gratitude! Here’s How to Write a Thank You to Your Employer for a Raise 

Ho! Ho! Ho! December is officially here and the holidays are within sight! During the season of giving, many employers will gift employees with well-deserved raises and bonuses. For some, these raises and bonuses are expected, and for others, an unexpected holiday surprise! Regardless, take time to express your gratitude for a raise or bonus with a hand-written thank you. It shows that you care and don’t take the recognition for granted. With that being said, here’s how to write a thank you to your employer for a raise or bonus.

Handwrite it!

In the age of computer word processing and social media, there are many new ways we can say thank you. However, these new ways still can’t replace the craft of a handwritten thank you. Handwriting is the oldest and most personable element of scribe you can produce. It’s a reflection of your thoughts carefully etched to be read by the recipient. So take the time and hand write your thank you in pen (blue or black ink) on nice notepaper or a card. After all, your employer took the time to consider you for raise or bonus, you should take the time to express your gratitude.

how to write a thank you

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Don’t Be a Brown-Noser!

Of course, you want to show your appreciation for the raise, but don’t go overboard. The best way to do that is to be short and concise in your thank you note. No matter if the raise or bonus was expected, state your gratitude and keep the thank-you note business-related. Don’t ramble on about how much you admire your boss or talk about how you’re going to take a lavish vacation with the money. Your boss doesn’t need to know that. Simply get to the point.


Here’s how to write a thank you the right way:

Dear [Boss’ First Name],

Thank you for recognizing my efforts throughout this year with the recent raise.

It was a pleasant surprise to receive before the holidays.

I look forward to continued success in the new year for the company.

Wishing you and your family a safe and happy holiday season!



As you can see, this is a short yet concise note with a personable touch in the last sentence.

how to write a thank you

If you want to say a little more without saying too much, here’s how to write a thank-you for that instance:

Dear, [Boss’ First Name]

I write you this note in thanks for the raise I was rewarded.

It’s satisfying to know management is confident in my abilities to provide continuous value to the company.

I’m excited to begin next year and look forward to driving toward an even more successful year at [Company Name].

Once again, thank you and happy holidays!



This one was a bit longer but still right to the point without too much flattery.

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Final Notes

There are countless ways to say thank but try to avoid the easy way out with a social media or email thank you. Put these how to write a thank you tips into practice and you’ll be on your way to a memorable impression with your company’s management team!