It’s not as hard as you think to write a follow up sales email. Follow these tips to lead the conversation.

Don’t think of writing a follow-up sales email as a negative step in the sales process. While we don’t recommend spamming the email box of someone with whom you’re trying to close a deal, follow-up emails are a routine practice. If you’ve been working on a deal with a prospect, the best thing to do is stay in contact until the deal is closed.

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Consider getting right to the point when writing a follow-up sales email. You could lead off by saying something to the extent of, “Hi, Elizabeth. I’m just following up regarding our last conversation. What was your final decision on the proposal I sent you?” By asking the question in this way, you are calling for one of three answers:

  1. Your prospect will respond affirmatively: “Thanks for checking in. I was able to make a decision, and we very much liked your proposal. What are the next steps?”

  2. The prospect will respond by letting you know that they’ve chosen not to continue the sales process. “Thanks for getting in touch with us, but we’ve decided that we won’t be needing your services in the future.”

  3. Your prospect can respond letting you know that a decision hasn’t yet been made. “Thanks for checking in. I haven’t been able to make a decision, as I’m waiting for my purchasing department to look over the proposal before I decide. I hope to have an answer for you within the week.”

While one of those responses may not be exactly what you wanted to hear, you can learn from all of them, as they each could benefit from a secondary follow-up. Here are our suggestions:

  1. Once your prospect agrees to the deal, get it closed as soon as possible. Send them any necessary contracts that need to be signed, forms that need to be completed, and instructions for payments if necessary.

  2. While no one likes to hear that a sale has fallen through, use this as an opportunity to learn what didn’t work in your sales pitch. Respond with a quick email to ask if they are willing to share any thoughts on what worked and what didn’t work during the sales process. You may learn more from the leads that fizzled than you’d think.

  3. If a client needs more time to make a decision, follow up. Thank them for their response, and let them know you’ll check back in on the guidelines they suggested. In the case of my example, you could follow up a week later. If no guidelines were mentioned, it’s safe to suggest your own.

Remember, your follow-up sales email doesn’t have to be lengthy. We can even teach you how to write one in 150 words or less. Once you’ve mastered the short content which must be included in your follow up, you’re then able to add more information to your emails if necessary.

Don’t be too concerned about sounding desperate in follow-up emails. Remember that our automated system can generate these emails for you. We can automatically email new leads, as well as following up with any existing contacts.

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client-managerWant sales email templates? Sign up for a FREE 30-day trial of Blitz lead management and sales automation software, and automate customer follow-up.

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Have you ever had trouble writing a follow-up sales email? Let us know what got you stuck in the comments section.