In order to add an image to a Blitz email template or email signature, first the image must be hosted online.  Below are instructions to hosting an image on Imgur, a popular hosting site:


  1. Go to Imgur’s website (click here), and click “upload images.”
  2. Find your image and click “Start Upload.”
  3. Once upload is complete it will bring you to the image page where you will need to copy the “Direct Link.”
  4. Add the images to Blitz
    Images can be added to email templates, your email signature, and manually typed emails.  In Blitz, click the “Add Image” icon.

    Paste the copied URL from step 3 into the “Choose Image” field.

    You are also able to adjust the width & height, however we do recommend that you resize the image prior to hosting it.  This will save on image loading time for the recipient.