Blitz Lead Management Software offers two functions that allow users to target all leads within a specific campaign:


  1. Campaign Lead History This adds a mass history note to every lead within a chosen campaign, including an optional status and milestone update.
  2. Campaign Email This emails every lead within a campaign, and can be filtered on status or milestone.


If you would like to update specific leads across multiple campaigns, the solution is simple: you just need to isolate your audience in a (potentially) temporary campaign.  Below are instructions to executing this:


  1. Create a temporary campaign.  Go to Admin > Manage Campaigns and click +Add New Record, and choose a name.
  2. Choose the leads you would like to target.  Either click “View” next to a category on the My Blitz page, or go to Leads > Lead List and choose “All Campaigns.”  When the list is displayed, click “Show Filter Options” in the dark blue bar to filter leads by any criteria.  If you do not see a field that you need to filter on, click “Column Options” in the dark blue bar.
  3. Move the selected leads to the campaign created in step 1.  To make this easier, change the page size to 50 on the bottom of the lead list.  Then click the top check box on the list to select all on the page, and use the “Move To” dropdown to move leads to your new campaign.  Continue this step until all leads have been moved.
  4. Make your update or send your email!  For instructions on sending a campaign email, click here.  For instructions on campaign lead history, click here.
  5. If you would like to move leads back to their original location, repeat steps 2 and 3 to find your leads and move them back.