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Fryer fires are the turkey’s greatest revenge.


While Halloween may be the holiday with the most crime, Thanksgiving Day is infamous for the most accidents due to fire. According to State Farm Insurance, Thanksgiving is the number one fire insurance claim day. Not surprisingly, on a day devoted to food, the most common source of fires comes from the kitchen. Improper turkey frying can result in dangerous and destructive fires, not to mention disappointment in the fact that you no longer have an edible turkey. To prevent your having to make a fire insurance claim this Thanksgiving, read the following turkey frying safety tips to ensure that the only fiasco this holiday is how upset your uncle will be when you dominate his team in touch football.


1. Use the correct amount of oil in the fryer pot.

Lowering the turkey in the pot can displace a lot of oil if there’s too much in the pot. Any oil that spills onto the burner can cause a burner. The proper amount of oil for your fryer should be included in the owner’s manual.


2. Make sure that your turkey is 100% thawed

This tip goes along with the first one. To ensure that you have the correct amount of liquid in your frying pot, make sure that your turkey isn’t frozen or still partially frozen. Excess liquid thawed from the turkey can result in pot that’s also too full.


3. Never put out an oil fire with water

Water includes ice, too! Because water and hot oil don’t mix, the combination will bubble and spray hot grease all over. If you do need to put out a grease fire, there are specialized extinguishers available and approved for putting it out. Keep a phone nearby in case you need to dial 911 for help.


4. Keep your fryer away from combustibles

Although November’s cold can persuade you to fry your turkey in a garage or patio, more than 1/3rd of fires involving a fryer are a result of the surrounding structures catching fire. To prevent a fire, grab a beer, bundle up, and cook your turkey outside, preferably away from any wooden platforms.


5. Don’t leave the pot unattended

If you keep an eye on your turkey while it cooks, you can reduce your risk of grease fires or any fires that may result from hot oil splatter. Also, oil will heat to the point of combustion. Using a thermometer or simply noting when the oil is too hot can prevent a Thanksgiving spent making a fire insurance claim.