Discover how to market a mortgage brokerage successfully and get noticed.

When learning how to market a mortgage brokerage business, there’s a lot that you need to remember. To start, Blitz has some great tips for setting up a mortgage business you will want to read if you need to get started. Once your company is off and running, you need to get your brand name out there, but how do you do this? To achieve success, we have assembled some tips to help your mortgage brokerage business get noticed:

Know your target audience and value proposition.

To market a mortgage brokerage (and make a profit), you need to know your target audience. For businesses that are in the investment or mortgage industry, you’ll likely be communicating with predominantly well-educated and sophisticated customers. They’ll probably be college graduates, possibly even with a master’s degree and affluent. Still, your sales and advertising don’t need to be complex. Rather, it just needs to be smart. Know what your business has to offer that your competitors can’t. This will help you communicate better and become more effective during conversations with prospects. In summary, be prepared to bring your A-game.

Communicate with website visitors.

When people visit the website for your mortgage brokerage business, they might not leave their phone number or email address. While an online form that collects both phone number and email address is a must for every website, many of your prospects might not fill out a form, even if they’re interested. That’s why implementing a live chat tool onto your website can be invaluable. Live online chat allows you to connect with online visitors instantly, which can be a big plus for both the consumer and your mortgage brokerage business.

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Demonstrate thought leadership.

Social media and blogging are important for all businesses. Not only is it an important part of engaging your customers by sharing news, tips, and information, but it can also be a great way to connect with other companies, build brand awareness, and demonstrate thought leadership. To build a relationship with an experienced consumer, you must stand out. If you have the ability, create your own blog, and start with the goal of writing one blog post a month. Each blog post should focus on a topic that’s important but isn’t being properly covered by your local media or by your colleagues in the mortgage brokerage field. Blogging can be a great way to demonstrate that you’re a resource that people can trust to keep themselves informed. Learning how to market a mortgage business often means taking the leadership role you were always meant to have.

However, if you can’t write your own blog, or just don’t have the time, you can still become a trusted business partner for your customers. Start by following news websites where you can find the latest mortgage business news on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. When you find a good article, share a link on your company’s social media pages along with a brief note about why it’s important. An important aside, be sure to read the article in full to make sure that a competitor isn’t quoted in the article. Many companies have failed to spot this and unintentionally promote their competitors.

Seek out speaking engagements.

Social media is a great way to demonstrate thought leadership for those individuals that are in another city, a nearby town, or an office a couple of miles away – but it’s somewhat impersonal. Nothing can replace talking with someone face-to-face, which is why it’s essential to speak in public as often as you possibly can. Speaking opportunities might arise by sponsoring an event, attending a conference or tradeshow, or simply by making your network aware that you’re available for public speaking.

If you need some help in finding places to speak, look for local and industry groups that meet in your area where your target audience might be in attendance. These organizations often have speakers at the events. Another option might be to reach out to associations and publications who are having conferences and ask to speak on a certain topic at their event. Generally, they’re so busy with the event that they might welcome your offer because it assists them in matching an important topic to the audience attending the conference. Then once you do attend, be sure have plenty of business cards with you so you can have follow-up conversations or book interviews afterward.

Use social media to engage and prospect.

A good way to get your business’ name into the local community is to start following those companies and individuals on social media that you feel would be important for networking with or building future business opportunities. Keep on top of important issues that are impacting your community and become a strong advocate for not just your business and the mortgage industry but also those with similar business goals. This will increase brand awareness for your company and open the doors for questions from future customers.

Invest in strong content marketing pieces.

Content marketing, or the premium marketing pieces either in print or online, is an important way to communicate with your customers. A white paper is an article on a timely or time-sensitive topic, typically used as a stand-alone PDF document and as a webpage that can be shared with customers to promote your company’s thought leadership. White papers can also be used in email campaigns, follow up emails sent to a prospect after a phone conversation, or to nurture sales leads.

Case studies are like white papers but serve a slightly different purpose. While white papers are usually about a timely topic, case studies are less timely but offer a more in-depth look at how your company’s services have made a positive impact on your customers. By highlighting how you made things easier for others or helped others overcome challenges, your prospects will see why they’d be smart to work with you too. And like white papers, case studies are precisely the type of sophisticated content that your target audience will enjoy reading.

What tips have worked best for when you were learning how to market a mortgage brokerage? How have you successfully used your new business to increase your personal wealth and financial security? Please share your stories with us by commenting below. We would appreciate hearing from you!

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