online contact management software

Your business is hard enough to run on a daily basis. Your photocopier breaks one afternoon, a company car is totaled in an accident, the Internet goes down and you have to pay for the IT person’s services. With so many potential liabilities, the last expenses you want to have are leads you’ve already paid for. If you buy lists of leads or Internet leads from multiple sources, you could be paying for duplicate leads without even realizing it. Or maybe you use spreadsheets to manage your contacts. A spreadsheet doesn’t have the capability to alert you of duplicated leads. Fortunately for you, Blitz Lead Manager does. Our intelligent contact management sales software searches for leads and brings them to your attention so you can avoid paying for contacts more than once.

With Blitz’s contact management system, it’s easy to quickly find duplicate leads. Blitz will automatically pull up any duplicate contacts every time a lead log is opened. You can review the duplicated leads and then merge them together right from the same page. When comparing contacts, Blitz takes into account four different fields: name, phone number, email address, and contact name. On the review page you can check over the fields and decide which contact to keep and which to discard (Learn more about merging duplicate leads here). But no two businesses are alike. Our web-based software is flexible enough to accommodate your company’s unique preferences. In settings, you can specify when you want Blitz to search for duplicate contacts, whether that’s when you manually press search, or every time you open a lead log. For more information on configuring your settings, check out this video.

It makes sense to manage your duplicate leads from a monetary perspective, but another good reason? Your staff can avoid the awkwardness of calling someone twice. When you manage your contacts, you ensure that leads are distributed fairly to your team. Blitz contact manager gives you and your sales team the technology you need to work your leads quickly and intelligently.