These tips will outline how to get leads for gym memberships.

Even in a tough economic climate, your gym or fitness center can learn how to get leads for gym memberships with speed and efficiency.  These tips are straight-forward and can help you not only increase business, but keep your members coming back.

Have a Good Location
The first step for getting more leads for your gym is to promote the convenience of your location. Whether you are on the way to work, on your lunch hour, or after work, members of your gym are busy and they need a location to work out where they can get in and out fast.

Keep It Clean
Your gym patrons will likely demand a fitness center that keeps their equipment clean and wiped down.  Gyms can be a breeding ground for germs.  Make sure that you have spray bottles of disinfectant along with towels and wipes available throughout your facility.  Don’t be afraid to also post signs for your members so they can be aware that the bottles and towels are there for them to use. This will create an environment that promotes cleanliness.

Have Flexible Hours
Pay close attention to the needs of your gym patrons.  Consider what hours your competitors are open so you are sure to be available to meets the needs of your members.  If your gym has a lot of people exercising early in the morning, be sure to be open when most want to work out.  Also, show consideration by posting signs for holiday hours so you don’t catch your most loyal members by not opening during your usual hours.

Be Competitively Priced
The cost of a gym membership can vary widely. Consider the demographics and average salary of those that live around your gym to ensure it is affordable.  Have numerous membership options available with different term lengths, special options for students, seniors, and families can be quite appealing.

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how to get leads for gym memberships


Offer Add-on Services
For busy families or single parents, a big deciding factor could be if your gym offers add-on features to your gym such as daycare.  For those families who want to exercise regularly, hiring someone for an hour or two a few times a week in order to workout might be too expensive.  Alternatively, for your patrons without young children, they might be interested in sauna or spa services – perhaps even a consultation with a nutritionist.

Maintain and Update Equipment
Look at the type of equipment that your gym members use on a regular basis and the hours that your best machines are in the highest demand.  If you find that your elliptical machines, for example, are in high demand after work then you will want to ensure you have enough machines to meet demand.  Also, if needed have signup sheets during certain hours to avoid having frustrated patrons.  Even if your machines are only a year or two old, remember that regular use can cause the equipment to wear out, so refresh your machines as needed.

Have a Variety of Classes
Those gym patrons who have a regular workout routine might get bored.  Having a variety classes can help keep your workout fresh and interesting. Offer everything from yoga to kickboxing, and more, to ensure that you have a variety of class topics and times to meet the tastes of all ages, genders, and fitness levels.

how to get leads for gym memberships

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What has your business done on the road to learning how to get leads for gym memberships?  What’s worked at your fitness center and what hasn’t? We want to hear from you! Share your stories and feedback by commenting below!