Learn how to generate sales with cold calling. No, really.

People throughout the business world have been saying that cold calling is dead. But in reality, with the right attitude and some good best practices, you can drive a substantial amount of sales revenue and generate solid leads. Here are some tips to help you close more deals at your business.

Follow a sales script.

Working from a script will help you be prepared before making that call. But don’t forget to practice! Listen to yourself while speaking. That way, you can hear yourself as your callers hear you on the other end of the phone.

Prepare sales calls workflows in advance.

One of the most critical tasks of cold calling is having your conversation mapped out in advance. This will help handle those curve balls that will inevitably come with some prospects.

Don’t provide a sales pitch too early.

While it makes sense to some, pitching too early usually results in them asking you to send information and then filing it away. The result? You never hear from them again. Instead, take the time to get to know the person. Understand their needs and concerns. This will allow you to personalize your sales pitch and increase the likelihood that he or she will buy from you.

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warm lead generation

Never multitask during sales calls.

Cold calling can easily become monotonous over time. Calling up sales leads, trying to connect with the decision makers at that company, and hearing the same stories, the same concerns, and the same objections over and over can be draining. So while you might be tempted to multitask, you should avoid it. Usually, the person on the other end of the phone will be able to tell and that certainly wouldn’t bode well for your landing the account.

Revamp your planned voicemail messages.

Sales representatives can potentially leave up to 70 voicemails in a workday. If you haven’t listened to what your voicemail messages sound like, try calling from work, leaving a message on your cell phone, and then listening to what you sound like. Are you using too many pauses, ums, and ahs? Revise your message so that it’s more concise, full of energy, and interesting.

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No matter how large or small your company, learning how to generate sales leads with cold calling is possible! How many of you have done this successfully? What’s worked and what hasn’t? Our readers would appreciate learning from you! Please comment below!