Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software’s web form functionality can be used to generate leads by adding a form to your website or Facebook page that links back to your Blitz account.  When someone fills out the form, their information is automatically dropped into Blitz, instantly creating a new lead for your staff to work!  Businesses are also using web forms to quickly add leads to Blitz at events on their smart phone or tablet without having to log into Blitz.

The fields that are shown on the forms can be completely customized, giving you the ability to create forms that fits your unique needs.  Each web form is created within a campaign in Blitz so that the leads are always dropped into that specific list, and so that multiple forms can be added for different uses.  For example, some businesses will have a different web form for each of their products offered so that they will know what the prospect was interested in.  If enabled, leads can be assigned to and added to a user’s schedule automatically, guaranteeing that the lead will be contact right away.


Setting up a web form in Blitz:

  1. Go to Administration > Manage Campaigns.
  2. Create a new campaign for your form by clicking Add new record, or choose an existing campaign to create a web form for.
  3. Click Campaign Settings campaignsettings1 and choose the Web Form tab.
  4. Click Create Web Form.
  5. Fill out the available fields based on your preference, and choose which fields you would like to be shown on the form by clicking the check box next to the name of the field.  Note: To customize fields, click the Custom Column Headings tab within the Campaign Settings.
  6. Once finished, click save.  To view the form, click the View Form link (second line from top).


Examples of how businesses are using the web form:

  • Add it to your Facebook page: click here for instructions
  • Use the html iframe tag to add the form to a website
  • Send the URL via email
  • Provide the URL to a telemarketer to add leads to Blitz