Wondering how to find employees for your insurance agency? Look around!

When you start an insurance agency, you have to think about who’s going to work with you. You might want to have other insurance agents at your office to help you cover the region. Also, having an administrative assistant on the team is always helpful. Unfortunately, not everyone walking down the street is qualified to work at your agency. You also (probably) won’t have an unlimited hiring budget since you’re just starting out. So, how to find employees for your insurance agency? Try out the following methods to find the most qualified job candidates:

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Employee referrals

Do your current employees know someone from a past position who would fit perfectly at your company? Ask your current employees for referrals. You won’t know if they know someone unless you ask. Then, once you have a list of names, look up the referrals on LinkedIn. You can also find people with related skills through a quick search on LinkedIn. Message promising leads through the platform to see if they’re interested in applying for a job at your agency. A way to encourage employee referrals is to reward employees for the referrals. When an employee refers someone who is then hired by your company, reward the employee with a nice bonus. For example, employees earn $100 for every referral that is hired.

How to find employees? Make an eye-catching job posting

It’s no secret that interesting job posting get more views. When writing a job posting, you want it to be descriptive enough so you attract the right kinds of candidates. Consider popular buzzwords or key terms that often accompany a certain job title. For example, if you’re looking to hire an insurance agent, be sure to write in the title what kind of insurance agent you’re looking for, such as, “life insurance agent.” You can also include in the title any unique benefits of the job, such as flex time or working remotely. Finally, be sure to include any interesting information about your company that might attract applicants. Details about, “informal Fridays,” or on-site employee amenities will give applicants an idea about your agency’s culture.

Post to a job board

Find job boards that are specific to insurance and post your job opening there. Some examples that we’ve found are InsuranceJobs.com, GreatInsuranceJobs.com, and InsuranceJournal.com.

Use Facebook

First, create a Facebook Business page for your agency. Then, post job openings for free on your page. Include a link to the job posting in your Facebook posts. You can also advertise your job postings with Facebook ads. With Facebook Ads, you specify your audience, where to place your ad, and your budget.

Post your job on multiple websites

There are many job boards out there, so don’t only focus on the insurance ones! You can also post your job on more general job sites such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and Google for Jobs, to name few. Don’t forget to include a page on your own website where you can post your job openings!

Have employees share job postings

A way to make this easy for employees to do is to send them emails with short, pre-written messages that they can copy and paste to their LinkedIn accounts.

Keep in contact with any good candidates

Do you have any candidates that you didn’t hire but you could see yourself hiring one day? One way to maintain contact is to occasionally send them emails with current open job opportunities at your agency. For example, you can make a list of these contacts and send them an automated email every month with your current openings.

Use your personal network

If you’ve tried the steps above and still have trouble finding qualified candidates, it’s time to get creative. For example, you don’t have to limit your search to asking your current employees for references. Get in touch with your personal network and ask friends, colleagues, and former colleagues if they have any recommendations. Also, maybe you’ve posted your job opening on many job boards, but your post is lost among the myriad of job openings. Some job boards like Indeed allow you to sponsor your job opportunity so that it appears at the top or bottom of the search page.

Look at colleges and universities

Colleges and universities are also great places to search for young talent. Contact local colleges and see if you can post a job opening to their job board. Additionally, you can call a career counselor and put your name on a list of companies with internship opportunities. After some time at your company, the interns you bring on will receive the training they need to fill a job opening at your company.  You’ll also already have an idea of their abilities. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Hire temporary employees

Maybe you don’t want to commit to a new employee right away. In this situation, you’ll want to look into temp-to-hire employees. Because this kind of employee is only employed temporarily, he or she won’t receive the benefits of a full-time worker at your agency. You can find a temp employee through a temporary staffing agency. The employee accepts a temporary assignment with your company and remains under contract with the staffing agency until the temporary assignment ends. When the assignment period ends, you can choose whether or not you’d like to hire the employee full-time. Temp-to-hire situations benefit employers because you can give temps different responsibilities to see what most benefits the company. You can also test whether the temp has the skills to become a full-time employee.

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After reading all of these ideas, you won’t be wondering how to find employees any longer because they’ll be coming to you! All it takes to find employees is persistence and an internet connection. Put the appropriate information out there, and you’ll soon have a long list of candidates eager to work at your insurance agency.