Want to learn how to double sales by next quarter? Here’s a process you can implement today and see results in 60 days or less

Learning how to double sales in 60 days or less isn’t complicated. With the right strategies, it’s a realistic, yet challenging goal It’s the perfect starting point for high achievers.

There is one goal all businesses share: make more money. It’s the bottom line of every “for-profit” organization. The golden goose of every CEO. The faster you can get it done, the better.

Here’s the rub: no business is the same. There is no “how to” tip that works for everyone.

A lot of “experts” try to sell you on the idea that doubling your sales is easy.

“Double your prices!” they say, or “Send out more marketing messages!”

Those ideas are lame. Why? Because they don’t actually say anything. They ignore the intricacies of business relationships, marketing strategies, and everyday common sense.

What you need is a simple and practical model to follow. Then you can adapt that model and add the details to fit your business.

How to double sales in 60 days or less: a practical strategy for ambitious companies

1. Find the holes in your sales funnel

You’ve heard it before: everything begins and ends with a “sales funnel.” Those buzz words receive a spotlight as if they were never thought of before. The truth is that sales funnels have been around forever—before the internet and e-commerce.

It’s simply a matter of defining the customer journey. Then strategizing how to interact and engage at critical points in the process. If one area of your funnel leaks, the whole system is compromised.

The point is that you need to identify where your sales funnel is leaking.

Study customer behaviors and ask yourself:

  • At what point do customers lose interest?
  • Where do you fail to engage leads?
  • How many customers make repeated purchases?
  • What is your customer’s journey from beginning to end?

2. Implement new strategies to refine, smooth out, and add value to each point in the sale

Once you’ve identified the holes in your sales funnel, start brainstorming ways to patch and smooth them over. There are a thousand different strategies for conversion, but you need to start with customer knowledge.

Each customer is unique. Seek to understand him inside and out. Nail down all the points in the sales process from his perspective.

Where would he lose interest and why? What’s stopping him from making a purchase? Why hasn’t he made another purchase after the first one?

Here is a sample progression your customer may go through:

  • He searches online to remedy a problem or fulfill a need.
  • He arrives at your website looking for more information.
  • He reviews your products and services.
  • He requests more information and gives you his email address.
  • He makes a purchase.

Well, what now?

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3. Leverage your best lead and referral sources

Okay, so now your sales funnel is up and running at full steam. The next step is to utilize resources to drive in traffic.

Perform a lead source audit. Figure out where your quality leads are coming from and plan to target those resources with full force. Create a promotion or incentive aimed at that particular audience.

If you have affiliations and partnerships, build on those relationships. Pitch them on a new referral program that benefits both parties. They have the same goal as you—make more money—so they will likely be open to new agreements and tag-team efforts.

4. Create a “trigger” offer to attract more buyers

If you’re not familiar with the term, a “trigger offer” is a severely discounted rate for one of your products or services. You’re marketing your products at a low rate so that customers will rush in to buy.

It’s a simple, yet effective form of penetration pricing. You price much lower than the competition to gain market share, and then slowly raise the price or up-sell to additional purchases.

Remember: more customers doesn’t always mean more profit. You have to think creatively about the sales process. If you draw in a significant amount of buyers at a low price, capitalize on the opportunity to compound sales with up-selling and cross selling.

5. Focus on re-activation and up-selling

Attention: the customer journey does not end after the initial purchase. Drill this idea into your sales and marketing teams.

Repeat customers bring in more revenue than new ones, so focus on making the most out of the customer life-cycle.

If you have an email list of past customers, come up with a unique promotion to “re-activate” them into the buying cycle. If your lead generation strategies are working, focus on up-selling relative products during and after the initial purchase.

Want to know how to double sales right now? Double your work efficiency!

We’re including one last step: automate your efforts with a CRM software. Salespeople lose countless hours every month following up with prospects, referrals, and past customers. Give yourself the right tool to streamline your sales processes so you can spend more time focusing on implementing new strategies and meeting customers face-to-face. If you want to learn how to double sales in 60 days, cut out all the fluff in your day to day activities.

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client-managerWith all your sales efforts bringing in new business, you’ll need a way to automate your follow-up efforts. That’s our specialty. Schedule a demo with us, and we’ll show you how to turn leads into customers with less work!

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What’s your opinion? Do you have any tips on how to double sales by next quarter? You know what to do…share your thoughts!