Creating a sales goal template can help you keep your staff motivated

Looking for ways to increase sales, drive staff performance, and create accountability? It might be time to consider using a sales goal template in your workplace.

You have many options when it comes to creating a template to track your sales goals. Many are available for free online; some of these are even customizable. If you’re feeling creative, you might want to consider making your own goal tracker. This can be done using a simple program like Excel. Just be sure to hit every detail you’d like captured if you create the sales goal tracker on your own.

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When planning your sales goal template, there’s a lot of information to consider before you start tracking.

Who will be responsible for planning what goes into the template?

You might want to consider bringing some of your sales staff on board for this undertaking. If their sales progress is going to be captured and measured based on this tool, it might be a good idea to allow for their input.

If you aren’t keen on allowing your staff to create the original template, you might want to consider creating a team who can work on the planning stages with you. People to include would be other sales managers from your agency, or even peers who’ve created similar projects for their employees.

If you’ve decided to exclude your sales staff from the original creation of the sales goal template, don’t keep them in the dark for much longer. You might want to reconsider your tracker every time you review it with your employees. They might have great ideas to include, or you might find some objectives are worth being taken out.

How often will you use your goal trackers?

Will your sales goal template be used as a monthly tracker, or will it be used quarterly or even yearly? Before you begin considering what type of goals you want to measure (and how), you should take the length of time into consideration. Some industries call for monthly goals trackers, as sales are often predicted and measured on a monthly basis. Other industries might call for a lengthier amount of time, such as a yearly tracker that can be reviewed alongside a performance evaluation.

Do you have specific outcomes you want measured?

The first step to creating a tool like this is to decide what can be measured and how. We recommend a goal tracker that has three sections for each goal listed. The first section would be your objectives. This is where you list your specific goal. The middle section is where strategies to achieve your goal can be listed. The final section is your measurement tool. How can strategies be measured to see if the goal is met or not?

Are your goals realistic?

It’s great to set very high goals for your sales staff, but make sure that anything you include on the goals template is within reach. If not, what’s the point of reviewing it, if all your staff are bound to fail? This isn’t to say you should set low goals for your staff – simply be realistic. Remember that this tracker can be changed or modified at any point to reflect company growth and needs.

Do your goals fit into Peter Drucker’s SMART guidelines?

In case you aren’t familiar with the SMART acronym, here’s what SMART stands for: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-related. All of the goals you include on your template should meet each of these guidelines or else your tracker will be meaningless.

Who is the sales goal template going to track?

Your sales goal template can be created for each individual salesperson or an entire sales team. Just be sure any confidential or Human Resources relevant information is kept off a team tracker. Another option is to create a general sales goal template that each staff can utilize – and possibly even customize – on their own. Be consistent measuring your staff’s sales goals, and encourage everyone to exceed their goals.

While you’re working on your sales goal template tracker, let us manage your leads, referrals, and interactions with clients.

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Have you ever created a sales goal template? What did you include? Let us know in the comments.