By using Blitz Lead Manager’s filtering and exporting tools, users are easily able to create mailer lists that are targeted to specific leads or customers.  We often see businesses exporting and creating mailers, then setting up a marketing automation process to follow up with the mailers.  Follow the instructions below to get started:


1. In Blitz, click “Leads” then “Lead List.”  Select the campaign you would like to mail to.  To target specific contacts, click “Show Filter Options” in the dark blue bar, then use the filter options to find the contacts.  If you don’t see a column you would like to filter on, click “Column Options” to hide or show columns.

2. Click “Column Options” and makes sure the name, address, city, state, and zip are all selected.  You can go ahead and uncheck other columns that you won’t need.  After you have selected the leads and columns you would like to export, click the Excel icon to export the list.

3. Open up Microsoft Word (we’re using 2007 in this tutorial) and under “Mailings,” select “Start Mail Merge” then “Envelopes.”  Fill out the available fields to your preference and click OK.

4. Under “Mailings,” click “Select Recipients” then “Use Existing List.”  Search and select the file that you exported in step 2.


5. On the envelope template, click in the middle where the address will go.  Once the cursor is blinking in the correct place, under “Mailings,” click “Insert Merge Field.”  Here you will insert the information onto the envelope that will be pulled from the list exported from Blitz.  Simply click on the field names and click “Insert” in the order they should appear.  Click enter and add punctuation and spaces when appropriate to format the envelope correctly.

6. Add the return address and anything else you would like added to the envelope.  Before printing, preview the results by clicking “Preview Results” under the “Mailings” menu.  You can also click “Auto Check for Errors” to make sure there are no mistakes on your list.

7. Under “Mailings,” select “Finish & Merge” then “Print Documents.”  Click OK and print the envelopes.


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