Although Blitz Lead Manager offers best practice Workflow templates, many businesses have a unique process that requires a custom setup.  Setting up a custom Workflow is simple – just follow the 6 steps below:

    1. Decide which leads you would like to target in the Workflow.  By applying filters, you can control which leads are part of this particular process.  Leads can be targeted by status, milestone, campaign, source, tag, or zip code.  Multiple filters can be applied.  For example, you may want to create a follow-up Workflow for all leads that have a “Follow-up” status and a “Quoted” milestone.  In this case, only leads that have both the status and milestone will be included.
    2. Decide what is going to trigger, or begin, the Workflow.  A Workflow can be triggered by the age of the lead (or how long the lead has been in Blitz), days since a milestone has been updated, or days prior to or after a contract date.  The lead age trigger is generally used for new and time sensitive leads, to help you follow up while they’re still hot.  The milestone trigger can be used to assist you in any stage of the sales process, for example a reminder to follow up 7 days after a lead has been marked “Quoted.”  The contract date trigger is usually used for a lead nurturing process, such as following up prior to a lead’s x-date.
    3. Decide when and what you would like to happen.  Workflow consists of automated emails, task reminders, call reminders, automatic requote (if you use First Impressions), and leads can automatically be reassigned.  It’s up to you to decide when each of these actions will occur.  For example, 3 days after a lead is marked “Sold” you would like a certain email template to be sent to the new customer.
    4. Create any email templates you would like to be included in Admin > Email Templates.
    5. Make sure every user has an email signature.  This can be added in the My Profile screen.
    6. Write down your process for steps 1-3.  Email this to support@blitzleadmanager.com or to your account manager.  This will be put through a review process to ensure it meets our best practices and email policy.  Once the Workflow is created, you will have a chance to look it over before it’s activated.

For more information, contact Blitz Lead Manager support at (419)841-8800 ext. 2.