Using web based software like Blitz for lead management can help your sales staff get organized, but only if you keep your account organized.  A common struggle we encounter with users is actually importing too much data, and becoming overwhelmed.


Is it time to clean up your account?  If either of the following statements apply to you, take a look at what you can consolidate or archive:

  • I have multiple campaigns with the same types of leads.  For example, 5 “winback” campaigns.  There are few reasons to keep these separate because users can sort and filter these leads by any criteria, including the date the lead was entered into Blitz.
  • I have old campaigns that have not been worked.  It’s either time to archive these, or find an effective way to work them.
  • As a user, when I log into Blitz I am not sure what to work on.  Logging in and seeing 7,000 leads still marked “New” can be overwhelming for users.


Consolidating campaigns

Merging campaigns cleans up the account, making it simpler for staff to work leads.  Prior to doing this, keep in mind if the custom fields do not match up some of the data will not be titled correctly.  However, you will not lose any data.  Below are instructions:

  1. Go to Administration > Manage Campaigns
  2. Click on the “Merge Campaign” icon  next to the Campaign you would like to transfer.
  3. In the “Merge Campaigns” dialogue, select the campaign you would like to transfer all leads to.
  4. Click the trash icon next to the newly empty campaign.  Make sure that there are no leads in the campaign before permanently deleting it.


Archiving campaigns

Archiving a campaign means that you are done with it.  Generally this is done when a list is being worked and you have contacted everyone.  If you go this route, make sure that any leads that are still being worked are moved to a different campaign before you archive.  Keep in mind you can always un-archive a list, so this is also helpful for “hiding” leads until an appropriate time.  Below are instructions:

  1. Go to Administration > Manage Campaigns
  2. Click the edit pencil icon next to the campaign you would like to archive.
  3. Check the “Archived” option and click save.