Blitz insurance CRM manager and Call Logic have an integration for agents purchasing web leads.  With this integration, as a new web lead enters Blitz:


  • Blitz communicates with your Call Logic account to tell them about the new “Hot Lead”.  Blitz will still notify you the same way it always has. (Email/Text Message)
  • Call Logic will initiate a phone call to your “Hot Lead Call Me At Phone” Number.
  • When you answer the Hot Lead call, Call Logic will tell you about the Hot Lead.
  • All current Hot Leads will be listed under Leads > Call Logic Dialer. So you can easily locate the lead that Call Logic has called you about.
  • Select an Option: Connect to the Lead, Decline, or to Receive a Call Back


How to Set Up:


  1. Within Blitz Lead Manager, click Administration > My Company. 
  2. In the Call Logic Configuration box, click “Link Call Logic Account(s).”
  3. In the “Hot Lead Settings” column, click “Change Settings.” 
  4. Check “Enable Hot Lead Calling For This Call Logic Account.” There is now a choice to either:
    a) Leave all users checked (common if you only have one Call Logic account), or

    b) Select specific users that are associated with that particular Call Logic account (this is if you have multiple accounts or want to exclude certain users). 
  5. Sign in to your Call Logic account, click Campaigns > General Settings and configure your “Call Me At Phone” number (this is the number that Call Logic will call when it receives a Hot Lead request), and the “Available From” hours (the hours you would like to receive these phone calls).
  6. If you have multiple Call Logic accounts, repeat steps 3-5 for each Call Logic account configured.

Keep in mind if you only have one Call Logic account, this feature will not be available while that account is in use for outbound calls.