Ready to learn how to close a sale faster than before? Here are our best tips to cut to the chase.

If you were to ask a salesperson, “What’s the number one skill you need for success in selling?” the answer would be obvious: you need to know how to close a sale. A salesperson can talk and negotiate and tell a story all he wants. But the results only show in hindsight—did he close?

The trick of the trade—once you get to the point where you’re comfortable in a sales situation—is to learn how to close a sale faster than before. Take it to the next level. Great salespeople have mastered the steps to the sale. They can move quicker and get to the emotional core of a prospect’s objections with ease.

how to close a sale

Practice the salesperson’s secret weapon for success

The difference between great and not-so-great is one little factor: good habits. People who close have an unbeatable set of good business habits. They know how to please consistently.

If you have deals fall through regularly, consider how you conduct yourself with prospects, from the beginning to the present moment. Have you worked on building good sales habits? If not, consider the following as gateways on to how to close a sale next time around:

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how to close a sale

How to close a sale: 5 good habits every salesperson needs

1. Always follow up ASAP

Always treat your customer like they’re your only (or, at least, most important) one. Follow up quickly so you can close the sale faster. Superb customer service is at rapid fire speed.

2. Set a face-to-face meeting as soon as you can

Get the prospect in front of you. Speaking over the phone works for first impressions (or even through email) but face-to-face is best to close deals. Pick a time, set a date, and try to meet them at a “neutral” spot.

3. Always look the part

A professional holds himself in high esteem. The first time you meet a prospect will determine if you will ever meet again. Dress well and practice good hygiene.

4. Be prepared for individual cases

Many salespeople stick to a rigid sales process (usually passed down from their manager). The best way to impress is to prepare for each meeting individually. Get the initial information you need, and show up with answers.

5. Add a personal touch

After the sale, follow up with a hand-written note thanking your customer for their business. Provide a direct to contact you at any time. Happy customers refer friends, family, and colleagues. And referrals are the easiest sales to close.

how to close a sale

How to close a sale quickly: 7 rules that cut to the chase

1. Speak directly to the decision maker

Don’t waste your time in a sales presentation. Immediately identify who is in charge of the purchasing decision or shares the responsibility. Get in front of the right people, so you don’t have to backtrack later.

2. Create a sense of urgency

Limited-time offers are the backbone of sales and marketing. Prospects are more willing to buy if they know there is a deadline to your offer. Find a way to create urgency with your prospect and give a gentle push towards the sale.

3. Qualify, qualify, and qualify

A sales process starts with effectively qualifying a lead. Do you know what qualifies a person as a prospective customer for your business? Do you know what stops a sale in the mud? Determine these qualifiers and “scrub” your leads. The more scrubbed they are, the faster the closing process.

4. Ask for the sale

At the end of the day, and no matter how much your prospect trusts you, he will never forget that you’re a salesperson. He has a problem; you’re selling him on your solution. Don’t waste time during the conclusion of a sales presentation. Ask for it. Otherwise, you’ll never break the final barrier or learn how to close a sale quickly.

5. Generate more referrals

Consider the quality of your leads. How many are directly interested in what you have to offer? How many are in the market for your product or service? Work on building a referral program with your customers. These leads arrive with a sense of trust for your reputation and are clearly in the market for your services.

6. Prepare for common objections

Observe and record the types of objections you receive. Write them down and study them. Strategize responses that will cut through the barriers and allow you to continue with the sale. If you keep on tripping over the same rock, you only have yourself to blame.

7. Don’t be aggressive

The quickest way to lose ground is by offending your prospect. People don’t like getting pushed into decisions, especially by someone with a biased investment in the outcome. For instance, never hand over a pen and say, “sign here” or make a last minute adjustment like “we’ll throw in a gift card.” Stay composed, collected, and willing to answer any questions till the end.

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What is your process for closing a sale? Any tips to share with our community? Post in the comments!