Want to maximize your day to reach the most leads and learn how to be an effective salesman?

Sales can be very tricky.  Your team might have had a great month last month, but now all of the sudden things are stagnant.  If that has ever happened to you or your sales team, there are a few things that you can do to learn how to be an effective salesman.

1. Get enough rest.  To be effective at any job, you need to make getting adequate sleep every night a priority.  Sleep at least 8 hours each night to be more alert and energetic when making your sales calls.

2. Work with a purpose. When determining how to be an effective salesman, many are motivated alone by their commission.  Money can be a great motivator, to be sure, but what if that’s not enough anymore?  Carefully ponder how the product or service that your company sells can make life easier for your leads.  Work each day knowing that the work you are doing can make their lives easier.  This can help sometimes to keep a salesperson motivated.

3. Don’t always follow a sales script.  Yes, you read that right. Sales scripts can be great because they can help you prepare your answers.  But it is important to make sure that you are not following the script so precisely that you are not allowing your message to be customized to meet the unique and precise needs of each individual sales lead as you are speaking to them. Chances are you don’t like being forced into mold either, and neither do your customers.

4. Ensure you are communicating with value.  Following up with customers, whether it is by email, by phone, or a combination of the two is an important part of lead generation and sales follow up.  The best salespeople though, always add value to each communication. Try not to send just those “checking in” emails.  Instead, think about something new you can offer such as a white paper, case study – or another piece of premium marketing content – the opportunity to sign up for something new.  Work with your marketing team to add value to each communication.

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How to be an Effective Salesman

5. Think about the qualification process.  Not all sales leads are a good fit for every organization. If you want to learn how to become an effective salesman, carefully ponder how you, and your company, are qualifying people for your products or services.  Are you potentially spending your valuable time on sales leads that are not the best fit for your organization?

6. Prepare for sales follow up in advance.  This tip should be something you are always doing, but just in case you aren’t, take note. Be sure to do your homework prior to engaging in conversation with a sales lead. What are their pain points and how can the product or service that you are selling help them to do their job with great ease and increased effectiveness?

7. Know what you are selling. This tip goes with #6, but is worth calling out all on its own. As a salesman or saleswoman, it is your job to understand what you are selling from every possible angle. How does it work? What makes what you sell different from your competitors?  Why should your sales lead choose you over them?  If you don’t know, find out before you make that call – not after.

8. Think like the customer. Smart salespeople are always working on ways to increase their sales. That task changes and becomes more complex over time, just as the needs and expectations of your sales leads can sometimes shift.  What has changed in the industry or at the company that you can use to move your lead down the pipeline?

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How to be an Effective Salesman

9. Leverage those personal connections. The best salespeople are always working their network whenever they can. Don’t be afraid to reach out to that former co-worker that just landed a job at a company you’ve been trying to go after for years. Use those personal connections and always be on the lookout for opportunities to build your network.  Local events and professional networking sites like LinkedIn are great ways to get started.

10. Make the sales process scalable and repeatable.  This one is so important that we saved it for last on purpose.  You might have a great product or service to sell, and how who you are trying to reach, but does it fit work seamlessly for every customer segment.  Probably not, which is why working to ensure that your model will work today, tomorrow, and years into the future is always good. Remember to always think forward, not back.

How to be an Effective Salesman

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What has proven to teach your staff how to be an effective salesman? Share your feedback in the comments below!