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No one likes to receive spam email. Just think about your own email account. Whether you’re the CEO of a small business, an insurance agent, or a sales professional, the amount of time (and patience) you have to sift through junk email is limited.

Blitz Contact Management’s email policy requires that all emails sent out in an email campaign have a 95% deliverability rate. If the deliverability rate of your email campaign is low, Blitz will send you warning email reminding you of our email policy. This policy ensures that your business is engaging in email marketing rather than email spamming. To improve your deliverability rate and avoid Blitz’s warning emails, here are several guidelines you should stick to:

  1. Make sure you only email leads you know. These leads could be contacts you’ve met at events, leads you’ve emailed before, leads who’ve entered their information into your web forms, or leads from a trusted referral source.
  2. Don’t email leads from purchased lists. Sending email blasts from Blitz sales software to a purchased list is bad news because your emails could be seen as spam, and not all emails on the list are valid. If many of the purchased list’s emails are incorrect, your delivery rate will suffer.
  3. Don’t send emails to contacts who’ve unsubscribed. This rule is common sense. If a lead has unsubscribed from receiving your emails, don’t harass them by continuing to message them.
  4. Keep an eye on the deliverability rate of your emails. Blitz’s email report allows you to monitor how many emails are being sent successfully and what recipients are doing with the received emails.

To learn more about our email policy, feel free to read Blitz Contact Manager’s Terms and Conditions.