Web based contact management

When you create a web form in Blitz Contact Manager, you’re able to put the web form on your website or Facebook page in order to generate hot new leads. Leads that come into Blitz via web form save users the extra step of having to type in the new leads’ information. Web forms created in Blitz sales software can be embedded on a website or Facebook page, or even broken down into an easy-to-share link. Many of our customers include the link to their web form in an email to send to their referral partners, who can then forward the link to their contacts. The information that these referrals fill out is sent directly into your Blitz account, where it can be automatically assigned to your staff and included on their schedule for immediate lead tracking. Referral leads can also be entered into Blitz manually. The Blitz user simply has to log into Blitz software and add the leads by hand. Users can indicate the leads’ source and opportunities to calculate how much business they received from the referral source.


Generating referral leads through Blitz is a simple process and can be done in a couple of ways. The first way to track your referral leads is to build your own custom web form. Once you’ve built your web form, send it to a referral partner who will forward the form to their contacts. Blitz users can also use a third party’s web form to bring leads in. For example, our insurance-based customers often use their quoting system’s web form to generate new leads. Blitz is integrated with a number of quoting systems for the convenience of our users. The leads generated from the third party’s web form are automatically added to Blitz to be immediately distributed among users.