Excel CSV Files & Lead List Providers

The Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software allows for Excel CSV spreadsheet files to be imported automatically into the system. This eliminates any manual entry for the user. The spreadsheet files may have been created internally, generated from another system (OutLook, ACT) or were purchased from a Lead List provider.

There are a few steps and rules before an import can be performed:

  • The first row in your spreadsheet must contain the column names.
  • No two columns can have the same name.
  • Remove any columns or rows that are just spaces (entire rows or spaces, individual blank cells are acceptable).
  • For Excel files, Open the file and do a File “Save As” and select “.csv” as the file type. Related video: BlitzTV – Convert Excel File to CSV

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Web Lead Providers

Web leads from our partners can be automatically entered into Blitz. As a web lead provider generates a lead for you, that lead can come right into your Blitz account. This seamless process not only eliminates manual entry but it also makes sure that your company never loses sight of a lead.

Please contact one of our web lead partners to get started. You will need to provide the web lead provider with your Blitz API Id, Transaction Id and API URL. These values can be found on your “My Profile” page within your Blitz account.

Website Leads

Leads from your website can be setup to automatically be entered into Blitz. Any form on your website that you use to capture a potential customers information can be setup to automatically come into Blitz. This allows you to track and report on the performance of your website’s leads and never lose sight of your new potential customer.  Integration with your website requires communication with Blitz’s API (Application Programming Interface). This does require a small programming but is fairly simple with our examples.

Manually Entering a Lead

When you are using Blitz, you are going to be entering in leads manually.

In order to manually enter a lead into Blitz:

  1. Navigate the menu to Leads -> Lead List
  2. Select the campaign that the lead will reside in
  3. Select the “Add new record” button.
  4. Enter Lead Information

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Blitz’s mobile access provides another way to bring a lead into your Blitz account instantly.  Mobile access is available to Professional and Enterprise accounts. Once you have signed into the mobile edition, simply use the “Add a Lead” link at the top of the screen. This can come in very useful when you have just met a lead and you want to enter them into the Blitz Sales Follow-Up system.

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