Blitz web-based lead manager

photo credit: www.kremlin.ru

Winning an Olympic competition would be like a dream come true, right? Think about all the fame, glory, and bragging rights that come along with being a champion. With Blitz Lead Manager, you can be a champion in your own right. Sure, no one is going to hand you a gold medal for how intelligently you assigned leads to your sales team. Nevertheless, lead distribution is fundamental to lead management. When you assign leads, you’re contributing to the successful management of your company’s contacts, and that in itself makes you a winner.

Blitz lead management software makes assigning leads a straightforward task. As an administrator, all you have to do is set up your preferences once and let our sales system take the job from there. Blitz is built with many lead distributing options so all businesses are able to find what works for them. Assigning leads by campaign allows the administrator to distribute a percentage of leads to each user. These users are then notified of the assignment by a real-time email. You can also choose to have leads from web forms or web providers automatically distributed to your team in a round robin fashion. When you opt to automatically assign leads, you can be assured that no lead will be forgotten.

If you want to know more about assigning leads like a champion, check out this video.