When you’ve worked in sales or customer service, finding a way to laugh it off is key to keeping your spirits high.  There’s nothing quite like watching a movie with an awful customer and thinking “YES! Been there!”  Or even on the other side – we’ve all been that customer dealing with someone who could care less about helping us.



Imagine what that line would be like if the guy was friendly!  But hey, maybe the people like a little bit of a challenge.


Meet the Parents

Well, at least she was friendly about it!


Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Confused employee + unreasonable customer = 100% not good


The Jerk

Here’s what NOT to do with customers suspected of having a stolen credit card.


No Reservations

The poor guy just wanted a steak!


National Lampoon’s Vacation

Business 101: take your customers for all they’re worth!


Pretty Woman

Lesson learned: Never judge a book by it’s cover.