Is there a fantasy sales team you’d love to hire? Turn your dreams into reality with your own staff!

It’s easy to wish your staff had different skills or worked better alongside each other, but it’s often more difficult to do something about it. Instead of dreaming about a fantasy sales team you’d love to hire, now’s the time to take your current staff and mold them into the best professional versions of themselves they could be.

If you want a dream team, you need to create the perfect environment for your sales staff to succeed. Your first step is reviewing and possibly even restructuring company culture. Does your sales staff understand your company’s core values? If they aren’t written up and explained to your sales team, take the time to do this first. Your team cannot succeed if you aren’t clear with your company’s vision and mission.

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Remember, your staff could work anywhere, and to never take your employees for granted. Whether you have a new employee who’s worked there for three months or a senior employee who’s been there for thirteen years, both have motivation and drive to succeed.

Nourish that by providing a safe, encouraging environment for your employees. This environment should be inclusive, with no discrimination between employees of any kind being allowed.

It should also encourage competition, but foster cooperation, which is a very difficult line to walk. It’s your job as the sales manager to ensure this environment exists before you even consider how you can mold your current employees into your fantasy sales team.

Remember the saying, one bad apple spoils a whole bunch? Well, the same is true for bad sales staff.

If you know that you have a problem employee, it’s time to make some tough decisions on whether or not you want to keep them on board. Often, managers and human resources departments ignore or even move around trouble employees rather than take a stance and let an employee who doesn’t fit go.

Before you even create your fantasy sales team, you might want to consider if there is anyone on your staff who doesn’t deserve to be included on your future sales dream team.

Once you’re ready to begin working one-on-one with employees, make the decision to be open and honest with your staff about your performance evaluations. Tell them in a group meeting that you’re going to be talking to and working with each individual on specific characteristics or skills you’d like them to learn. Make sure your presentation isn’t threatening. Remember, you want your team on board with your upgrades.

Now that you’ve considered company culture, weeded out trouble employees, and informed your staff of your intentions, it’s time to plan what type of employees you’d like on your fantasy sales team. Here are a few suggestions we have on ideal employees. Remember, your needs may be different, so take the time to consider what would best suit your management style and your company’s needs.

  1. The Forward Thinker: Every company needs to evolve in order to grow. Hire the right person to gently push boundaries and also encourage new ideas. This employee will always consider increasing efficiency and moving the company forward. Your staff and your clients will benefit in many ways from a thinker like this.
  2. The Motivating Power Magnet: Self-confidence is an important trait for any sales employee, though some definitely have more than others. Hire a person that exudes skill and confidence, yet also motivates his or her teammates to believe in themselves as well.
  3. The Cooperative Team Player: It’s always good to have someone on staff who has a calm way of communicating with his team members. This person usually is a non-threatening and trustworthy peer – even in a competitive sales environment.  Your customers will also be swayed by this employee’s easy going, yet knowledgeable attitude.
  4. The Client Closer: No one likes an overbearing salesperson, but everyone loves a someone who appears trustworthy and willing to negotiate in ways to benefit the customer. Use your closer to your teams advantage. Instead of setting him or her up with new sales, have them step into current sales and close deal – teamwork at its finest.
  5. The Friendly, Educated Seller: Both your clients and your staff will love working with someone who knows all product details and has an approach of a caring friend. Your customers won’t feel pressured. Instead, they’ll feel well-informed and ready to agree to a deal. Your employees will always know they have someone they can turn to with questions.

While you’re busy planning your sales dream team and upgrading your employees to your fantasy-turned-reality staff, we can contact new leads, follow through with referrals, and even update sales dates for your current and past clients! Sign up for a sales demonstration or try us out with a free 30-day trial right away.

What real life people would you include in your fantasy sales team? Have some fun creating a team and let us know in the comments!