Here’s How to Strike Gold at the End of the Lead Organization Rainbow. 

The first quarter of the year is coming to a close, which means it’s a good time to evaluate the profitability of your marketing additions from the start of the year. For many insurance agents, many of their marketing dollars go towards purchasing internet leads and lead lists. However, it doesn’t take long for these lead list to pile up. Are you finding that you haven’t followed up with quotes you issued weeks ago? Maybe you lost a prospect to another provider. Also, how do you know when to call upon a lead for a requote? Intelligent lead organization enables you to get the most bang for your buck and strike gold. Read on to learn why and how!

What does my sales pipeline look like?

The insurance sales pipeline is like a rainbow. You start at the base with the first contact, reach the peak with a quote, and then fall to the base on the other side with a sale. Can you picture the sales pipeline in your agency? Are your producers quoting prospects and sealing the deal? These are critical pieces of information you need to know so you can anticipate if your producers need coaching. Visualize your pipeline and manage your team more easily with tools like Blitz.

Win big with your current customers!

Lead organization should never end after a sale of one premium. Drip promotional and informative emails of your other products and services into the inboxes of your customers. Do you want to sell more life insurance? Leverage your book of business and make this option known! Then, close the deal with instant appointment reminders.

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Don’t lose the requotes!

Hot leads you’re working with can easily overshadow those interested leads you’ve quoted or spoken with in the last few weeks or months. These interested leads have given you permission to reach out in the future for a requote, making them very valuable. However, over time, you can easily forget them. A simple process of organizing your leads can help. Having a lead process that sends automated emails along with automatically scheduling reminders on your schedule to follow up prevents these leads from being lost to a competitor.

What’s my lead profitability?

It’s a question you may have wondered at one time or another. Am I making a return on my investment from these purchased leads? To make an informed managerial decision, you need accurate data. Lead organization that allows you to track the lead sources enables you to make that informed decision with confidence. Discontinue the leads you’re seeing minimal ROI and switch to more profitable ones you’ve researched.

Don’t waste the winbacks!

Everyone loses customers for a variety of reasons. Maybe coverage needs to be changed or they’ve found a cheaper rate. Keep these in a special folder to call on a rainy day or contact a few times throughout the year with an email. As long as your past customers were generally satisfied with your service, they should be open-minded about coming back.

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Lead organization is the key to striking gold at the end of the rainbow. Without it, your office would be a circus with producers scrambling daily wondering what to do with prospects. Do you want that stress and distraction? Of course not! Click here and schedule a free demo of Blitz to turn your leads into gold today!