Time-saving tips to making the finding new insurance leads easier.

Lead generation is an important part of increasing your sales. There are a numerous ideas that you have likely read elsewhere. But taking time to browse through countless websites to find just the right contact can be a time sync, at a time when your energy could be best served on closing sales. If you are an insurance agent and need to generate insurance leads, we have ten tips you can try.

The methods of lead generation have been separated into three separate categories: customer referrals, traditional advertising, and in-person events.

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Customer Referrals

1. Partnerships. This one is a great idea if you haven’t tried this already. Find a local business – such as a local car dealership if you sell auto insurance – and establish a mutually beneficial partnership that helps you find new customers.

2. Direct requests. Ask your clients and prospects to recommend you to others. This might not be top-of-mind for them, but if asked, they are much more likely to recommend you by name.

3. Network development. Find business groups and events for professionals, such as speaking opportunities that will allow you to get you and your business in front of people that might benefit from the insurance coverage your agency sells.

4. Incentives. People love getting something for free, or at the very least with a minimal amount of effort.  If asking for referrals hasn’t worked so far, offer with them a flat rate for each referral or something that will motivate them to make that recommendation.

Traditional Advertising

1. Sponsorship. Find a local event in your area that will generate positive publicity for your agency. Charity events are a great example of event sponsorship. This can helps your brand to stand out and get noticed by those people you most want to attract.

2. Specialized advertisements. Insurance publications already have an audience that is focused on that topic. Advertising in industry related magazines and periodicals can help you stand out and get noticed.

3. Newspaper advertisements. Don’t forget that printed newspapers still have strong circulations and the ability to reach a large number of people. But remember that your smaller more niche publications with a loyal readership might be beneficial for insurance agencies in particular.

4. Radio advertisements. Similar to newspapers, radio has the ability to reach a lot of people at once. While not as expensive as television, the radio station and time slot can vary widely so remember to do your research this marketing channel well before spending those advertising dollars.

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In-Person Events

1. Q&A sessions. If you are partially knowledgeable regarding certain lines of insurance coverage, potential lead might benefit for your words of wisdom. Your question and answer session could take place at libraries, community centers – or even senior centers. However, don’t forget to post announcements several weeks in advance at public areas like bulletin boards to generate awareness for your event.

2. Seminars. Free seminars where you discuss timely topics that would be of interest to your target customers has been proven to be quite successful. Present a relevant topic and keep your attendees engaged. But do not make the mistake of using the event to make a sales pitch. Educate them on the topics of importance to them, and this will cause them to think of you – and your agency – in high esteem.

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Have you tried an approach that generated insurance leads that has worked well for you in the past?  If so, we would appreciate your feedback. Share it in the comments below!