Remember the important day with these fun gym anniversary ideas.

Here’s a question for you: how are you celebrating your gym’s anniversary this year? Wait, you haven’t planned anything yet but have a lot of ideas?  Maybe you are busy with running your business and don’t believe you have enough time to plan a memorable event? Take a look at these fun – and yes, easy – gym anniversary ideas.

Make it a multiple-day event
When celebrating the anniversary of your gym, it’s important to think of it as an event that spans an entire weekend or even an entire week and not just one day. Even your most loyal members have changes in their workout schedules from time-to-time.  By having your anniversary celebration span several days, people will be much more likely to join in and help your business to celebrate the occasion.

Have a cooking contest with healthy recipes
People love to eat –even if they are eating healthy. Advertise around the gym that your business is hosting a cooking contest with healthy recipes. You could make the recipes based on a maximum amount of calories per serving, carbs, sugar, or even percentage of fat per serving. Plus, people have to come into the gym if they want to sample the tasty entries! You can even offer all entries a free piece of gym branded materials like hats, towels, or t-shirts just for entering the contest. But then offer a grand prize like a $500 VISA gift card that will grab people’s attention.

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gym anniversary ideas

Have a creative t-shirt design contest
This is one fun gym anniversary idea that is sure to generate a lot of excitement.  Create a contest where you ask your members to dream up a great t-shirt design that will be used for your gym.  Display the designs on your social media pages and set-up an online polls so people can vote.  This will generate a lot of buzz and engagement with your members and help get your gym’s name out in the community. Then for the winners, offer gift cards or cash prizes for first, second, or third place.

Have an open house with a free 30-day membership for new members
Once you have decided to have an anniversary celebration, have a public open house where the public can explore what equipment and classes your facility has to offer.  Have staff on-hand to give tours and sign them up for a free 30-day membership and even a couple of guest passes so they can try out the gym to ensure it’s the right fit for them. Then if you want to take this idea to the next level, have a contest where all new members who sign-up for a membership during your anniversary celebration eligible to win a large prize like a $500 VISA gift card.

gym anniversary ideas

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With these gym anniversary ideas, your business is sure to get attention and have fun celebrating the occasion. Which gym anniversary idea above have you tried at your business? Share your success stories with our audience. We’d love to hear from you!