Virtual outbound call center businesses can be challenging.

Today being able to quickly take a pulse of the needs and concerns facing your business and your customers is more important than ever.  There isn’t any single methodology that will assist all call cents to forecast for all potential circumstances.  But there are some basic guidelines that a virtual outbound call center can use.  Properly forecasting a call center can help you become more efficient and assist in establishing cost-saving best practices using your existing software.  Here’s how you can get started with creating a forecast for your virtual outbound call center.

Why you need the right tools.
Without proper forecasting tools, your business might become overstaffed which could dramatically impact your profitability. Being able to accurately forecast is at the heart of any success call center.  Also, having the right tools at your call center will allow you to better anticipate call volumes so you have the right number of agents to meet demand.

Have good tools and a solid process.
Solid forecasting tools for your virtual outbound call center will help you to identify when you get your projections wrong and help save you money.  For example, if your forecasting is too high you will have bored and distracted agents, which lowers quality of work and overall job satisfaction.  In the end, that not only results in lost revenue but also potentially the loss of an employee who might eventually look for another job. When your projections for your virtual outbound call center are too low your customers will face long wait times, which will decrease their satisfaction, and might result in lost business. Meanwhile, your agents will become overworked and stressed resulting in low morale – and again – potential staff loss.

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Make sure you are getting it right.
Once you have your baseline data, compare it to your historical data to provide you even more valuable insights.  You will likely notice changes and trends that you will be able to use to assist you in either forecasting or validating your anticipated projections.  But beware of the human factor when projecting for a virtual outbound call center.  It is important to always have realistic expectations and that your forecast takes into account seasonal trends and the impact of abandoned calls on our projections.

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How has your virtual outbound call used increased business and increased customer satisfaction? We invite you to share your tips with our audience by commenting below!