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Prevent leaks in your sales pipeline by expertly tracking your opportunities with Blitz

If your company isn’t taking advantage of the opportunities feature in Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software, you’re missing out. Recording opportunities within Blitz is a crucial step to great sales–giving users insight on which lead sources, products, or employees are generating the most sales for the company. Not only is it crucial to take advantage of this feature within Blitz, but Blitz also makes keeping track of opportunities incredibly easy. With our user-friendly software, every Blitz user can quickly add opportunities to a lead. The Lead Log’s opportunities tab allows users to add and sort opportunities by any criteria; such as lead source, category, policy number, the total value of the opportunity, the estimated close date of the deal, and much more. Filtering through opportunities is also easy, since users can filter their opportunities by any of the categories.

The opportunities feature essentially allows users to put a dollar figure next to the product or service they’re selling. With this dollar figure in place, users can easily track which lead provider is generating the most sales and how many sales each producer has made. Information about pending and won opportunities is available as soon as users log into Blitz sales follow-up systems. At a glance, Blitz users can view how many pending opportunities exist from a specific lead source and view the number of won opportunities for a particular lead.

Utilizing the opportunities feature means you’ll be better able to track your sales pipeline. By consistently recording opportunities within Blitz, you can create a tangible sales cycle for your sales team. Blitz users also have the option to export their opportunities to a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel. Many insurance agents are currently using this feature to replace their existing business logs. By exporting opportunities directly from Blitz, agents save time by being able to pull their most recent log right from the Internet.

The opportunities feature in Blitz sales software provides users with flexibility, reliability, and simplicity. Blitz can help simplify your sales tracking process and ensure that opportunities don’t leak from your sales pipeline.