If you have a Facebook business page you can add a Blitz Web Form as a tab on your page.  The process to do so involves creating a Facebook App. In order to create an App your Facebook account must be verified. The current process to verify an account involves entering your credit card or registering a cell phone number. Once your account is verified you can follow the steps below to create the Facebook app.
*Since this is an advanced topic with a 3rd party we provide these steps for informational purposes only and will not be able to provide support for your Facebook page/account.
  1. Sign in to a facebook account used to administer your Business Page
  2. Navigate to http://www.facebook.com/developers/
  3. Click on the Setup New App
  4. Create a name for your app.
  5. Enter the captcha code for validation
  6. Navigate to Facebook Integration tab
    Navigate to the Facebook Integration tab
  7. Scroll down and enter the tab information. Enter the tab name (the name that will show on your page) and put the Tab & Secure Tab URLs from the facebook16 pop-up on the Web Form tab in the Tab URL and Secure Tab URL.
    Scroll down and enter the tab information
  8. Click Save Changes
  9. Click Application Profile Page
    Click Application Profile Page
  10. Click Add To My Page and select your page.
    Click Add To My Page
  11. Navigate back to your facebook page and see the new tab.
    See the new tab on your facebook page