One of the biggest advantages of using a system like Blitz is that you are able to search, sort and filter your leads however you want.  So if you were interested in sending a mailing to all of your leads that are in the qualified status, were created in the last month and are in your internet leads campaign, you can easily do that from Blitz software’s Lead List using the filter options.

Once you have filtered your lead list the way you want, you have the option to export that information.  Exporting that information allows you to to be able to use it for mailings, reports or transferring the data to another system. The export feature is available on the Lead List screen as well as within reporting, just click the export to excel image and your file will be created.

Once the data is exported you can use the resulting file to import the information into an external mass emailing system or reporting tool. Lead Management software is going to allow you to not only bring leads in from many different places (spreadsheets, mobile phones, websites, lead providers, etc), follow lead outcomes through milestones, track sales through opportunities but also export the information out as you wish. This flexibility allows you to easily create a business process that encompasses products outside of Blitz and create the best solution for your company.