Typhoon is a QuoteBurst software program that generates insurance quotes from web lead providers and telemarketers. Once the integration is enabled, quoted leads are dropped directly into Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software with the quote attached to the lead’s history. An email is sent out to the lead, the lead is assigned to a user, and a follow-up appointment is automatically scheduled on the user’s calendar.
How to set up Typhoon:

    1. In Blitz, Under Administration –> Web Lead Setup, click configure to the right of QuoteBurst Typhoon. In the Configuration Options, click the enable checkbox next to the providers you use.
    2. Dropdown boxes will appear within the enabled rows. Make sure you select “Round Robin” for the Auto Assign Group—this will allow for leads to be automatically distributed between users in a round robin fashion. Auto Assign Groups can be customized under Administration –> Auto Assign Groups.
    3. Click on My Profile in Blitz, and find the API Id and Transaction Id. These will be required to set up Typhoon.
    4. At http://www.quoteburst.com/contact.html, send your three IDs via chat (pops up on the bottom right) or email (help@quoteburst.com). Just state that you want to configure your Blitz account.


  1. If you are new to QuoteBurst, send your QuoteBurst email address to your current web lead providers. This will let them know to send leads through Typhoon as opposed to directly to your email.

Interested in QuoteBurst Typhoon? Learn more here: http://www.quoteburst.com/about.html