Employee Recruitment Tips You Need to Know Before You Start Recruiting

Hiring employees is one of, if not the most, essential aspect of growing your business. You have to faithfully invest in people with confidence that they will be a fit for your company culture and be able to do their jobs. This is one thing you don’t want to mess up. Therefore, before the interviews even begin, you must ensure you recruit the best candidates to the interview rooms. When recruiting new employees, mistakes can easily be prevented. Here some employee recruitment no no’s you need to know before you start recruiting:

1. Don’t be Mr. Manual

Manual processes are now automated to save you time and prevent mistakes so you can focus on other areas of your job. For example, don’t bring sheets of paper to recruitment events for applicants to fill out. These can get lost in the stacks of your other papers that pile up on your desk. Instead, have them fill out custom web form fields right then and there on a computer. This will allow applicant information to flow right into your applicant tracking system (ATS). You can then get right to your follow-up.

2. Don’t Neglect Your Company’s Online Presence

When applicants research your company, they look first at your website. You want to give them the best first impression. Make sure that your company’s social media is engaging and that your website is up to date before you start recruiting. Have a careers page on your website that shares career opportunities or even testimonials from current employees that describe why they enjoy working there. Also, make sure other websites like glassdoor have your company’s current information to boost your attractiveness.

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3. Follow the Laws  

This one should go without noting but, unfortunately, legal issues surrounding hiring arise every year. Unfair hiring practices can put your company in serious legal trouble which is why you need to know the laws before you start recruiting. Make it a requirement that your employee recruitment team studies and understands the US Anti-Discrimination Laws. Also, make them aware of interview questions that are illegal to be asked. These simple tasks of preparation will protect you and your company from lawsuits, prevent a negative public reputation and preserve your job.

4. Source Smarter

As you hunt for potential job candidates, you need to source smarter to find them. Don’t neglect modern tools and resources that make sourcing much easier. Before you begin employee recruitment, make sure you know how to effectively use LinkedIn and other job search sites. Then you can research and actively message potential job candidates. You never know who’s looking to switch companies or roles. As you gather names and phones numbers from referrals, social media, databases or other forms, consider utilizing a compliant auto dialer. An auto dialer can triple current outbound call productivity so you can find that golden job candidate to fill an open position quicker. Source smarter, not harder!

5. Don’t ‘Wing’ the Hiring Process

The first interactions candidates will encounter with you is your hiring process. Don’t wing this! You don’t want your hiring process to come off as inefficient and disorganized. After all, what makes you think that candidates would want to work for a company that appears like the Wild West? Take the time now to iron out your hiring process. Think of the resources you need to effectively recruit and hire. Prepare now! This will save you tons of time down the road!

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Now that you know some of the no no’s of employee recruitment, are you ready to begin the journey to successful hires for your company? Schedule a free demo of Blitz now and learn how Blitz can help you make sure no job candidate falls through the cracks!