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Conquer Your Sales Campaign

Getting through your lead campaigns is easier than ever with your ability to create email templates in Blitz. Create as many email templates as you want for a myriad of situations. Send an email when you’d like to follow-up with leads, when you want to establish an initial contact with the lead, or when you know a lead’s contract date is approaching. With the Workflow add-on in Blitz’s web based software, you can automatically send individual emails, automated drip emails, and email blasts. Blitz also allows you to personalize your emails and check out how you’re doing with email reports.

Have you ever forgotten to send a follow-up email to a lead that’s been in your system for a while? The Workflow add-on will make sure you never let a lead prospect slip through your fingers again. Automatically send an email to leads after they’ve been in the system for a certain amount of time. Want to get in touch with leads after five days, a week, a month? You can schedule the email send dates to your company’s specific needs. You can also quickly burn through your campaign with an email blast. Email blasts allow you to send out mass emails in a campaign, and if done correctly, can engage a large number of leads. As with individually sent emails and automated drip emails, Workflow can be set to automatically send out email blasts.

Personalized emails have a better chance of being read past the third word; that’s why Blitz allows you to personalize your email templates with lead substitutions. Lead substitutions give your email templates the appearance of being individually handcrafted by automatically adding specific information about a lead to the template. When you apply lead substitutions to emails in an email blast, you ensure that your leads feel personally engaged, and you increase the chances that a lead will respond to your call to action.

So you’ve set up Workflow and created attractive emails, but how do you measure the level of success they have with leads? Blitz’s email report lets you see the deliverability and recipient action details of sent emails. The report, found in the Administration tab, provides you with a way to measure your emailing success. If you notice that leads are not clicking the link you’ve provided in your emails, or that may of your emails are being marked as SPAM, it may be time to revamp the content of your emails.

With Blitz, quickly and efficiently managing your lead lists is easier than ever. Utilizing email templates in Blitz will ensure that you conquer every campaign.