Have you been sending out automated emails or large email blasts, and not getting the results you were hoping for?  Many businesses aren’t spending enough time on the actual content of their emails, and are making mistakes that leave many of their messages unread or marked as SPAM.  Below are 7 tips on effective email marketing to improve your success.


  1. Personalize.  Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software has a “lead substitution” feature which enables users to set up email templates that automatically insert the lead’s name and other information.  This creates a more personal feel, and the prospect is more likely to move forward.
  2. Add all necessary information!  A common mistake is forgetting to add the phone number or other important information to emails.  Spending an extra 10 minutes perfecting your email templates can make a huge difference on the outcome of your marketing campaign.
  3. Make content brief and to the point.  Your message could be one of hundreds in the inbox of a prospect, and they don’t have time to read 5 paragraphs about how your product can change their life.  Quick bullets or numbered lists are much easier on the eyes and will be less intimidating to someone frantically trying to catch up on their emails.
  4. Always use a call to action!  Leaving it up to the lead to decide what to do next is going to produce little to no results.  Refer them to a link, tell them to call, or give instructions on signing up.  Don’t be vague about it- make sure they know exactly what you want them to do.
  5. Consider first impressions.  Your email address and the subject line of your email is just as important as the content of the email itself.  Many prospects will mark an email SPAM or delete it without even opening it!  Make sure your email address is “user friendly” (ex: johndoe@domain.com vs. 68e03230@domain.com), and use the subject line to briefly tell the prospect what the email entails.  Emails with “Follow up” or “Your quote” for the subject line are just asking to get deleted.  AVOID USING CAPS and sales terms (“free,” “offer,” etc.) that are common in SPAM messages.
  6. Don’t SPAM!  Avoid sending emails to purchased lists of leads.  In most cases, these lists contain old and invalid email addresses that will bounce, and affect your deliverability for future outgoing emails.  Also, don’t send too many emails in one day- this can also give your address a bad reputation with email providers.
  7. Find out what’s working.  Blitz offers simple lead tracking reports- you are able to see how many emails have been marked as SPAM, how many have been opened, and how many links have been clicked.  If the numbers aren’t looking good, maybe it’s time to reevaluate your email content.