Want to boost your gym memberships in a short amount of time? Learn how to write effective sales emails to catch the attention of your readers

Gym owners have to possess a broad skill set. But do you know what separates the few from the many? The effort that goes into sales and marketing on a consistent basis. The truly successful ones understand marketing at a deep level and use proven methods to acquire (and retain) members. One of the best tactics is writing effective sales emails. Once you create an email that brings in high conversions, you can use it over and over again. But first, you need to understand the prep work needed for your efforts.

Writing effective sales emails: understand who your audience is

Before you put one word down, ask yourself: who am I writing this email to?

The prep work that goes into the email is just as important as writing it. If you go into your sales copy blindly, nothing will come of it. Be specific as to who the person is, why she should read your email, and what action you want her to take.

Questions to ask before you sit down to write:

  • Where is your customer is the sales process? 
    • Viewed the website and requested more information
    • Came in for a tour, but hasn’t joined as a member yet
    • Current member who put in a request to cancel her membership
  • What do I know about the customer? 
    • Sex, gender, age, location, address, previous memberships, etc.
    • Expressed a particular interest in training, classes, or programs
  • What can I offer that will be to his or her greatest benefit? 
    • Current deals, referral programs, loyalty programs, etc.
    • Discounts for students, elderly, children, etc.
    • Classes or programs that match up with her interests

With this preliminary research complete, you will be ready to start drafting effective sales emails. It’s important to note that one size does not fit all. Create different templates for each type of customer and where she falls within the sales process. You can even schedule these emails to sent out automatically once you’ve tested them.

Our 5 best tips to writing effective sales emails

1. Grab their attention with a killer subject line 

What’s the main goal of a sales email? To get it opened! Without a catchy, attention-grabbing subject line, all of your hard work will go directly into the trash. You need spend more time on your subject line than anywhere else. Write it, re-write it, and study what works.

Here are a few tricks to utilize:

  • Make sure the subject line is short enough be read on every device
  • Stay away from “spam” notifiers, such as exclamation points, capitalized words, and excess question marks
  • Give a personal touch: use first names, casual language, and thought-provoking questions

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2. Keep it short and easy to scan 

In the first draft of the email, focus on hitting all your major points—don’t worry about the word count. When you get it all down, cut it ruthlessly. That’s right. You need to keep the message short and easy to read.

Your audience will scan the email at first. Make sure there is no room to lose their attention.

  • Use subheadings to organize and structure the email
  • Break up paragraphs and highlight benefits with bullet points
  • Bold important areas to draw attention
  • Aim to keep the entire message under 300 words, if possible

3. Focus on the main benefit 

What are you offering the customer? How is it going to help solve her current problem? These are the questions you need to answer right away. Your readers want to know what’s in it for them. Get to the point and show how your offer will give the greatest benefits.

  • List the main benefits in an easily digestible way
  • Be specific. How do these benefits help the reader?
  • Introduce your offer within the first paragraph (don’t waste the reader’s time)

4. Show the reader what action to take 

Effective sales emails always point towards one action for the reader. It may be clicking on a link, signing up for an appointment, or making a phone call. Whatever the action, make sure you clearly point to it and make it easy to complete.

5. Give a personal touch and focus on the reader 

Remember that your email is not about you; it’s about your reader. Don’t get caught up in talking about yourself, the gym, your clients, etc. Keep the focus on the person reading your email. “You” should be used much more than “I” or “we.”

As a personal touch, write a short postscript at the end of your email. Use this opportunity to restate your purpose, call to action, and heartfelt “thank you” for reading.

Effective sales emails are not completed in one afternoon

If you want to see good results from your sales emails, you need to put in the time and effort. Make it goal to write one a month. The finished product will need to be tested, tweaked, and possibly even thrown out and restarted. But with a little help, your response rates and conversions will be higher than ever before.

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What’s your opinion? Have you written any effective sales emails that continue to work? Share your story!