It is not enough to simply advertise your business in the current economy, referrals are necessary in many cases to get in front of people and make the sale. That means that networking has become increasingly important. But how can you do it effectively? Below there are some tips to help you more effectively network for referrals.

1. Know complimenting industry segments

You know what you are selling. What other things go hand-in-hand with your products?

For example, if you are selling annuities you might also want to offer Roth IRAs – look for other investment vehicles that work with your own.

You will grow if you can offer your customers more options. We all know customers like to have choices. Be prepared to share information with them that gives them an opportunity to buy – not to be sold.

If you don’t have it in your line, but you know someone that does – share their business card.

2. Know your customers, build trusting relationships with them

Nothing beats offering your customer an introduction to someone that can fulfill another of their needs.

By networking with people in complimenting industries, you become a more valuable ally to your customers.

By the same token, when you treat your customers right, you will find that they cannot help but refer you to their friends.

Your customers know other potential customers – leads are the life-blood of any organization.

Leads come from unexpected places – be watchful – and listen to your customers.

3. Follow-up on leads

When you receive a lead, whether from a networking individual or from a customer, you must be sure to follow-up timely.

Sales are made by taking that extra step.

Lead Management Software will help you to stay on top of your leads list. With a calendar and tickler system in place, all you need to do is store the pertinent information in the database and the Lead Manager will remind you of the next step in the follow-up process.

Make no mistake – follow-up is a process. From the first phone call to the in-person meeting, it’s more about timing and repetition than anything else.

Be the first company that your potential customer thinks about when the need arises and you will build the relationships that last.
Let Lead Management Software put all of your tasks in place.

4. Say “Thank You”

Thank you notes are not a thing of the past.

Nothing says personal service like a personal note sent to your potential customer.

Their time is money. By taking time out of their day to meet with you, either by phone or in person, they have invested in the sales process.

Be appreciative. Be genuine. Deliver what you promise.

Whenever you can, over deliver!