Do you spend a lot of time worrying about things that need to get done?  Join the club.  Luckily, we have technology on our side.  Below are 10 helpful apps that will help save you some time and energy organizing a fast paced lifestyle.


1. To-do list

Things is a time management system that helps you keep up with those little every day tasks that are easily forgotten.  Type in anything you need to do, or even tell Siri, and Things will present you with a daily check list so you will no longer want to kick yourself for missing something important.




2. File management

Forget emailing files to yourself or using a jump drive.  Those methods are a thing of the past.  Using a cloud based system like Dropbox allows you to access your important information anywhere.  Never be stuck without a way to share information again!




3. Remembering names

Bad with names?  Those of us who do a lot of networking could use a hand like Namerick.  Improve your memory of contacts with repetition and mnemonics modeled from memory “athletes” and studies of the human memory.




4. Finances

Do you ever spend an entire paycheck on nothing?  Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.  Keep track of where your dollars are going with Mint – a personal finance app that does the categorizing and organizing for you.  See what you’re spending the most on and find ways to save your hard earned cash.




5. Groceries

Is it just me, or is it a nightmare to come up with weekly meals that everyone will like and actually remember to get everything at the store?  ZipList stores your favorite meals, and creates custom shopping lists based on your needs.  Why have I not been using this?




6. Passwords

Don’t even get me started on passwords.  Use LastPass to remember them for you so you can focus your time and energy on more important things than trying to remember your security question answers.




7. Family life

Does your day consist of waking up, getting the kids ready, taking Johnny to practice, taking Sally to school, going to work, picking up Johnny to take him to band on the way to Sally’s violin recital, making a family dinner to be inhaled in 10 minutes, ending the night with paying bills and cleaning the house?  Eh, that’s nothing.  Cozi will help you organize the chaos and bring little zen into your life.  Complete with a shared calendar, shopping list, to do list, and more, this combines about half of this list to keep your life in check.




8. Wardrobe

Nothing to wear?  Doubt it.  Using an app like Style Book allows you to scroll through your virtual closet (you take pictures of all your clothes) to find new and interesting combinations.  Now you just need to get to that laundry!




9. Travel itinerary

Traveling can be stressful.  With TripIt, you can view all your travel plans in one app, easily forward emails to create an itinerary, and best of all it’s free!




10. Fitness

With everything else going on in life, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with health and fitness.  MyFitnessPal tracks your daily calories and exercise to help you reach your goals and be accountable for how you are treating your body.  (I used this for a whole two months one time!)