Instant access to great digital sales training resources you need.

For your business to stay on top, you need digital sales training resources to help keep your team motivated.  So if your company could use some of the best, and might I add mostly free, digital sales training resources we have you covered.  Here are 6 websites that you need to bookmark right now.

1. The Bridge Group
Bridgegroupinc.com is a website that has a wealth of digital sales training resources available including eBooks and a blog.  While you do need to fill out an online form in order to download the reports, the amount of research that you have at your fingertips through this website is nearly unmatched.  If you haven’t bookmarked this website yet, you should.

2.New Sales Coach – Mike Weinberg
NewSalesCoach.com is a great digital sales training resource that currently offers a free eBook on The Seven Deadly Sales Sins along with YouTube videos, a blog, and audio clips.  If you or your team could use practical business development and sales management guidance, then this website is one you need to visit today.

3. ExecVision Call Camp
Execvision.io is a very solid digital sales training resource that also offers an eBook for free, but this one is on the topic of Is Your Sales Coaching Strategy Best In-Class? Through this website you can sign up your team for a free one year sales training session. However, be aware that this company also offers paid sales training, which is obviously the hook for getting you to sign up for free training.  But still, a great resource that you should check out.

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4. Sales Hacker
Saleshacker.com has a library of digital sales training resources and a blog that will teach you the future of sales and B2B marketing for the comfort of your home or office.  The tips on this website are generally practical and well researched.  So if you are looking for a great website to help you improve your sales techniques, look no further.

5. Quota Factory
Quotafactory.com offers a lot of digital sales training resources.  But if your team is sales development reps, they will find this information particularly helpful.  There are guides and a blog that can really help you kick your sales number up a notch.

6. Hub Spot Free Sales Certification
OK, if you haven’t heard of HubSpot.com you are probably living under a rock.  But here’s something you may not know: they also offer a free sales certification program that is composed of five classes and can help you sharpen your inbound sales strategies. So if you want to improve your career, grow your pipeline and close more deals, this is one website you absolutely must check out right way.

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What digital sales training websites and resources have worked best for your team? If you have a good one to share with the group, let us know! Post your recommendations by commenting below!